WATCHES: Going Beyond their Basic Function

Time has allowed the evolution of watches from just simple timekeepers into becoming nests of many other functions, like watches that double as an alarm clock. More expensive and elaborate watches may include things like repeater functions or striking mechanisms that allow a user to know what time is it with a special sound. Because of the convenience of wearing these accessories on your wrist, it can’t be helped that watches would be incorporated with a multitude of features to assist you in almost any imaginable function possible with just a simple sway and glance of your wrist.


Watches with functions that go beyond giving you time and date are called complicated watches. Among the complications of watches included in some watch brands nowadays are the chronograph, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, just to name a few. Chronograph complications make a stopwatch out of your wristwatch. Minute repeater gives a distinct sound as time strikes to the minute. Perpetual calendar, as its name implies, gives you a calendar you can use for many years, with adjustments for leap years already taken into account. Tourbillon cancels out the effect of gravity when your watch is put on a certain position for a certain period of time. Most of these additional functions, though, are available only on sleek, high end and expensive designer watches.

Computerized wristwatch, on the other hand, was born with the boom of high technology gadget market demand. Many of these cool watches included any of the following functionalities: calculators, compass, video games, digital cameras, cellular phones, GPS receivers, including television among others. Some of these hybrid wristwatches though have been phased out since they were not readily accepted by the masses. Despite their powerful capabilities, many people viewed them impractical for everyday use and uncomfortable to operate.

Not all high technology wristwatches, however, are created meaningless. In fact, if you look around, you might find a wristwatch that has a technology that is so helpful you cannot do without it. To find out what these cool watches can be of great use to you every day, visit

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