On masks and costumes

Yahmir, my youngest son is fond of collecting masks and costumes.  He is 6 years old when he started to showinterest on accumulating and wearing them, maybe because he is always watching thesuper heroes’ dvd videos and movies that’s why he became fascinated with them. Throughthe years he has collected a lot of different costumes and masks, but sad tosay I only recovered a few photos to show you.

Masks: Darth Vader, Yugi-oh, Ichigo

Yahmir in Darth Vader’s costume
Yahmir, the Batman

Yahmir, the Batman with his cousin wearing Yahmir’s Flash Costume

Yahmir, in Superman costume and his other Robin Costume worn by his cousin

Yahmir, the Black Ninja

Yahmir, the Reaper. His latest costume last Halloween 2011

Well,I thought he already had overcome his fascination as he got too busy in hisstudies and other extra activities in school. Only lately he asked me and his dad, if wewill allow him to join cosplays this coming summer vacation.  His dad said yes, for we always support themin their interests. He is indeed very happy, excited and looking forward toassociate with other cosplayers very soon!

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  1. joining cosplays will give him lots of exposure to his interest and gain more friends 🙂 Me I collect cosplays costumes 🙂

  2. I like the Reaper costume .Kids really likes to wear super hero costumes .My eldest has some costumes too and all were handed down to all his cousins. Both our sons almost have the same age.Mine is interested in golf and stage play.

  3. Collecting mask and costume of superheroes has a big influence to the kids, though money is also concerned here. Nevertheless, those kids wanted to do the good deeds which the superheroes are doing. In short, their attitude and character are greatly affected by those SH in the character-building per se.

  4. It's awesome for a young kid to be fond of superheroes and characters that we, a little not so young people, grew up with. I thought younger people already forgot about Batman and Darth Vader. I am glad they didn't.

  5. I applaud your son for starting a collection at such a young age. I just realized I don't have any collection of anything. 🙂

    I suggest you take him to Bacolod for the Masskara Festival that's held every October. I think he'd love it and he can get some to add to his collection.

    Oh, and he's lucky to have supportive parents like you. He'll have a ball in cosplay!

  6. Ang galing nyo naman po. I salute parents who are always there to support their kids hobbies and interests.. 😛 can't wait to see more of their cosplay pics this summer! 😀

  7. It's good thing to see your son so passionate about certain things at a very young age. And I applaud parents who are very supportive. There's only 1 Xmas party that I attended that we are required to wear a costume… Kiddie costume pa so I'm the girl version of bonjing… Hehe ;-))

  8. We are through with our children regarding masks and costumes. They are all grown-ups now. However, we have a pre-school female 'apo' whom we help wear costumes for her school activities. It's always fun seeing young children in custumes be it on UN Day, Halloween, etc.

  9. I am happy that he is very interested with these things than on bad vices. Just let him do this so that the bad external influences upon him won't penetrate him because he is focusing to a certain activity he loves.

    Go and have a cosplay with him!

  10. i'm fan of cosplays too…not that i intend to join, i just look at the costumes and admire the creativity of the participants…

    letting ur son join cosplays would open up his creativity more and good exposure to other things and people…

  11. Nanay na nanay! Talagang suportado ang mga anak! Hats off sa nanay na tulad mo Miss Joy! Bagay kay Yahmir yun Batman custome niya! Two thumbs up Yahmir!

  12. this is so cool..the kids are so cute…We call this Cosplaying or costume playing…I have to confess that I want to do this also…I am a cosplaying addict but never been a cosplayer.IM so inggit to your son kasi nagcocoplay na sya atis young age (pinatulan ko talaga ang bata..hehehe)

  13. haha… this is cool. 😀 we play costume at least once in our life I suppose (especially in Halloween or other costume parties). but to expose ourselves in cosplay can be an interesting habit. so far, the people I see who does a lot of cosplay are great, and they are in a very helpful and wonderful community. 

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