How To Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Its Best

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sparkling engagement ring, and for most people it’s one of the most special pieces of jewelry that they will ever own. When it’s something you’re going to be wearing every day for many years, it’s important to keep it at it’s best.

Engagement ring

Rings such as Tacori engagement rings and other quality brands won’t need masses of maintenance. This is because genuine diamonds don’t scratch, and good quality metals don’t tarnish. However any piece of jewellery can start to look dull over time without the right care. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make your engagement ring look shiny and new again.

Know When To Remove It

There are times when you should remove your engagement ring to keep it at its best. These include when you’re cleaning and coming into contact with harsh chemicals. When you’re at the gym, when you’re swimming and if you’re generally getting messy. This could involve times when you’re using your hands during cooking or baking. It’s good practice to remove jewelry when you’re doing this anyway for hygiene reasons.

Don’t Pick It Up By The Stone

If you’re in good habits with removing your ring, make sure you’re putting it back on properly too. Don’t pick it up by the stone or setting, as it could cause it to become loose or break. Instead, pick it up by the metal band, and don’t push it back onto your finger using the stone as leverage.

Store It When You’re Not Wearing It

It’s no good taking your ring off to protect it, but then leaving it on the side of a wet sink or on a dusty surface. Even worse would be if you leave it somewhere that it can get lost, stolen or accidently thrown away. If for example, you’re going to the gym, take your ring off at home and put it in a jewelry box rather than into your bag in your gym locker. If you know you’re spending the day cleaning, take it off and store it somewhere safe rather than just leaving it mindlessly on a counter.

Remove Any Grease or Grime Buildup

Even if you’re careful with your engagement ring, it will eventually accumulate grime and dirt over time which can cause it to look dull. If it’s particularly bad, it can be worth taking it to jewellers and having it cleaned professionally, so you’re not causing any damage. Minor grime buildup can be cleaned by making a solution of warm water and dish soap. Soak the ring for around half an hour before gently brushing the stone with a very soft bristled toothbrush. Rinse it under warm running water and examine the stone carefully. If it still looks dirty, go through the process again. Take care and only clean it gently. While you’re not going to scratch a genuine diamond, you can certainly scratch the metal setting. And if your ring is made of another gemstone it’s likely to be scratched fairly easily so just be gentle with it.

Polish The Band

Being a soft metal, gold can develop minor scratches over time which take the look of it’s shine. Carefully polishing it up can make it look gleaming and new again. You can do this using a polishing cloth which you can buy at jewelry stores.


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