5 Benefits of Hiring Equipment on a Construction Site

Outlays, recruitment, schedules, deadlines and much, much more. When you’re in charge of a construction project, efficiency is the name of the game as you strive to keep costs down and maximise productivity. While some things may be out of your control (cue a thunderstorm that floods your site), there are ways to ensure your job is a success. Hiring construction equipment is just one of them. Here are five of the reasons why this option may be attractive to you.

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Pay Only for What You Need, When You Need it

The best thing about hiring anything, whether it’s a heavy duty manhole box or a crane, is that you get to set the terms. Is this a once-off project that will last a month? Or are you in it for the long haul, where you will require equipment practically every day? If you answer ‘yes’ to the first question, than hiring equipment may be the way to go. Otherwise, you will be spending precious capital on items that will be sitting, gathering dust for much of the year.

Get Access to Latest Technology

Imagine paying less for the best. This is a reality when you choose to hire equipment; just because you’re not paying top dollar to own something, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from cutting edge technological developments. Companies that supply construction equipment on a rental basis, such as Mabey Hire, are competing for your patronage, so the more advanced equipment they can offer, the better.

Avoid Maintenance/Repair Costs

Now we come to costs. As anyone involved in the construction industry will know, maintaining or repairing faulty equipment can be very expensive. So much, in fact, that it can set your project back, leading to missed deadlines, unhappy clients and potentially even financial penalties. You need your job to run smoothly and by hiring equipment, you don’t have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs.

Say Goodbye to Storage Costs

As mentioned earlier, unless you’re using your equipment every day or every second day, you’re going to need to keep it/them somewhere safe and secure. Depending on the size of the pieces, you could be required to pay for a huge amount of storage space, whether that be in a warehouse or a private storage facility. When it comes to hiring, you can bid the equipment farewell as soon as it becomes unnecessary. Not only will you save on storage costs, but you don’t have to worry about burglary or natural disasters.

Minimise Transport Costs

Earlier, we covered getting ‘what’ you needed, ‘when’ you needed it. How about ‘where’? If you’ve just landed a new construction job in another city or state, and your equipment is held locally, you could have a tough – and expensive – time getting things from Point A to Point B. When it comes to hiring, all you need to do is some research on the most competitive hiring equipment in the new project’s area. Why not save yourself some money and stress?

Of course, whether or not these benefits apply to you and your construction site will depend on a number of factors. It’s clear, however, that hiring equipment should always be a consideration before starting any project.

Do you agree or disagree? Have you rented construction equipment in the past? What was the outcome? Share your thoughts below.

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