Most common interview questions and answers

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Interviews are often full of questions from the panel. Without insight into the common questions, you can make mistakes. These interview tips give you a number of common questions you can expect. Some of these questions are a must for most interviews.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

This is a question you are 99% of the times required to answer. This question is critical. Steer clear of all personal information. Stick to your education and work experience. You can reveal some of the passions that are relevant to the job at hand. A sentence or two is enough for this part. 

Why are you interested in working with us?

This question has a number of good answers. However, the right answer should have four proponents. First, is about what you know about the company. Then look at the position that you have applied for and illustrate how your skills are the best for the position. If you’re applying for a position you are overqualified for, explain your enthusiasm to work with them. Twisting the answer to a more opportunity oriented answer is always the best.

Do you consider yourself successful?

This is another common college interview work question. Basically, this question wants to test your outlook in life. Always state you feel successful. If possible, elaborate that you have plans and have already achieved some. You should also add you are looking forward to succeeding in more.

What are your career goals?

Simple as it may seem, this is a very tricky question. You need to answer this beforehand. Most panels might take you off the list if the job is not in line with what you are looking for. If it’s possible, study the job and portray it to be in line with where you want to go in your career, over the long term.


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