How to Dress to Impress at Your Job Interview

So, you have a great CV, and your covering letter impressed somebody enough to get you called up for an interview. That means you’ve got to get your look right. Remember, first impressions are rarely changed once established. It’d be nice if your skills are what got you the job, but the way you look matters too!

If you haven’t attended an interview for a while though, you might be nervous or unsure about what to wear. Here’s how to dress to impress at your big job interview!


When it comes to men’s job interview styles, the simple option is the best one. Go for a fitted black suit, and make sure it’s the right size. You can go for grey or blue instead, but black is always the safest option.

The other thing to be careful about is your tie. You’ve probably got a wonderful array of ties in all patterns and styles. But your job interview tie should be plain and simple, don’t go for anything too daring or risky.


Women have slightly more scope than men. You can go with either a skirt or trousers. If you do choose a skirt, make sure it isn’t too high above the knee. Use your common sense and choose something you see as being sensible.

Like men, black is always the safest option when it comes to picking a color. You can add small splashes of color in other ways using a scarf or necktie if you want but don’t make your outfit too bright or offensive.

A Good Pair of Black Shoes

Whether you’re male or female, a good pair of black shoes is a must for almost any job interview. Women should make sure the shoes are stylish, yet remain sensible. Don’t go for a huge heel, pick something more modest.

Men need a well polished, solid pair of black shoes. There’s no need for anything fancy. You could go for brown shoes, but they look best with a grey suit, not a black one.

Get the Accessories Right

If you want to stand out and look a bit different to your fellow interviewees without looking garish, accessories are the way to go! You might want to exude style by wearing a watch. You can get designer watches from Houston Gold Exchange, they’ll show the employer that you mean business.

Remember not to go overboard with the accessories though. Only use things that are relatively conventional but hint towards a stylish instinct.

Don’t Forget to Tailor Your Look to the Employer

These style tips are giving you a broad overview of what’s expected of you when it comes to dressing for a job interview. But all jobs and job interview are different. If you’re applying for a niche job that would require a different way of dressing, tailor your approach to what is wanted. If you’re not sure about how you’re expected to dress, just contact the business and ask them.

Having a strong CV and top skills is only one thing you have to have to land your dream job. Make sure your style doesn’t let you down by following these tips.


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