Home remedy to keep hair straight

A lustrous straight hair is eye catching and always the envy of every woman. There are two means on how to keep a naturally wavy hair straight, either via chemical straightening treatments like hair rebonding done in salons or temporary home remedy hair straightening fixes like using a blow dryer or a straightening iron.

hair straightening iron
hair straightening iron

If you are a busy person working on a corporate job and always on the go but wants to keep straight hair for a longer period of time then permanent straightening like hair rebond is recommended, however if you want to try and do different hairstyles on your hair like curly today then straight tomorrow you can opt for temporary hair straightening with the use of a hair straightener iron. Whichever way you prefer, it is important to keep your hair healthy by giving it a periodic treatment like hot oil and more. 

Home remedy hair straightening is my preference at the moment, I once had my hair rebonded and was very much satisfied with the results, however the process is too long, depending on the type and length of hair, the procedure usually lasts for 4-6 hours. I terribly got bored and my head ached due to continues ironing, lol.

Aside from using the hair straightening iron, there are a few other ways you can do to keep it straight.

Bear in mind that humidity can keep your hair from remaining straight, moreover shorter hair tend to curl up more quickly, hair experts recommend to keep a long hair if you want to keep it straight as its added weight can keep it straighter longer.

Find a suitable shampoo and conditioner especially formulated to help straighten hair.

Buy and use a high-quality hair straightening iron, look for ceramic made irons as it will help prevent excessive damage to the hair due to high heat levels.

Apply on a straightening serum or anti-frizz, it will help your straightened hair protected from humidity and other environmental moisture.

My grandmother taught me a natural way to straighten my hair when I was still in high school by massaging an equal parts mixture of freshly grated coconut juice and lime juice on my hair, and letting it stand for 30 minutes to an hour before taking a bath. Rinse well. It naturally does wonders yet I do not like its smell.

Home remedy hair straightening do take time, as the better you do the job the longer it will last, so be sure to allow yourself enough time.

Lastly, hair is most vulnerable when wet, so be gentle with your hair, use wide tooth comb when combing a wet hair. As much as possible, schedule the use of your straightening iron, do not use it on a daily basis as excessive heat will damage your hair. Do not forget to pamper your hair from time to time, a good hot oil treatment can help your hair to regain its natural health, elasticity and moisture.


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