TMART Microfiber Bedding Sheet Review

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It’s not easy to find high quality bedding sets for a price that suits your budget. This is why I’m so happy to make a review of the 4 pc Microfiber Bedding Sheet for our Queen Bed. This highly luxurious bedding set came from TMART, an online department store that offers everything you may need at affordable prices.


microfiber bedding sheet


So let’s put the spotlight on TMART.co.uk 4PC MICROFIBER BEDDING SHEET FOR QUEEN BEIGE. Here are its specifications:

Material:          100% Microfiber

Color:                 Beige

Flat Sheet:        90” x 102”

Fitted Sheet:    60” x 80”

Pillow Cases:    20” x 30”


microfiber bedding sheet queen size


A set of this contains:

1 Flat Sheet

1 Fitted Sheet, and

2 Pillow Cases


Price:   $31.99 {plus Free Shipping Worldwide}


The Review

High quality beddings are very important to ensure that you get a good night’s rest and sleep. This is why moms like me are very particular when it comes shopping for linen, curtains, towels and beddings. TMart other Household Department surprised me with their offerings and it was like opening a treasure trove of high quality and affordable home items.

The 4 Pc Microfiber Bedding set provides a smooth and comfortable sheet on our queen sized bed. Beige is preferred color at home because it looks neat and clean all the time. The sheets are strong and tightly woven together compared with the traditional cotton sheet that we use.


microfiber bedding sheet


Microfiber bedding sheet is also ideal for people who are prone to allergies which is very good for us because my husband and I are suffering from allergic rhinitis. I’ve also read from other TMart reviews that this product indeed prevents dust and other allergens from getting trapped into the fibers so it alleviates allergy symptoms.


Depending on the quality you are looking for, some microfiber bedding sheet set can feel like satin or fleece. But for us who are more comfortable with cotton material, this product is for us. It feels like and comfy like cotton but it has stronger threads and made with very luxurious threads. Considering the price and quality of this bedding sheet set, I think I have found a great deal with TMart on this. And if you are blogger and you are interesting in doing a review for this product, do contact cheneyaustin82@yahoo.com.


Disclaimer: The author of this blog has NOT been financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed were all mine and not in any way influenced by other factors. The product mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes only.

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