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Make Your Home Look More Lived In With These 7 Easy Tips and Tricks

Make Your Home Look More Lived In With These Easy Tips and Tricks - Yaheetech lift top coffee table

^Make Your Home Look More Lived In : A cozy space

When you move into a new home, it can take a while before it feels like it belongs to you. Like us, we’ve moved just a while back and we still have boxes unopened. You might feel that even after months or years living there already, it can seem like it doesn’t quite belong to you. But if you’re living in your home yet it still doesn’t feel lived in, how can you make it seem more homely?

Luckily, it’s really not all that difficult. You might not have had the time to think about what makes a house feel like a home before, but it doesn’t take much to inject that warm and welcoming atmosphere. Start enjoying your home more and looking forward to returning to it each day with these techniques to make your home look more lived in or homey.

Use Every Room

The first thing you should do is make sure you get proper use out of every room in your house. If you have rooms that you leave shut up or that you only use as a throughway to get to other parts of the house, it’s time to start using them. There more you use a room, the less sparse and empty it will become. When you start spending more time at home and doing your day-to-day activities there, you’ll want to make it more liveable.

However, don’t expect the house to decorate itself magically. You need to make an effort to add your personal touch to your home if you want to give it some personality. For example, most of us work from home nowadays, you can keep a room for work and decorate it accordingly – separate from how your bedroom is designed.

Don’t Keep Everything Too Tidy

Make Your Home Look More Lived In, Yaheetech lift-top coffee table
Make Your Home Look More Lived In : Yaheetech coffee table for every day use

You may be a very clean and tidy person, but try to resist keeping everything too neat. Although you want to avoid too much clutter, if you make the decor in your home too minimal it can look like no one lives there. You don’t want everything to feel cold and empty, so try to resist picking everything up as soon as you notice it. It’s alright to have some magazines on your coffee table or a throw draped across the arm of your sofa, instead of folded into a neat square.

If you can’t tolerate much clutter around, we recommend this Yaheetech lift-top coffee table (see above photo too) that you can easily order online. It doesn’t only hide stuff, it’s the perfect laptop table when you just want to chill on the sofa. You can also look at this guide on how to choose the best lift-top coffee table for other options.

Since this coffee table’s top can be easily lifted up and forward, you can conveniently use  it as a work surface. Its high-quality mechanism allows you to lift or lower the lid without a hassle,  it thus makes it easier for you to work on your laptop without straining your back. The compartment under the lid is a good space to hide whatever things you don’t like being seen on top of the table (even snacks). ^_^ Its industrial look and design also make it compatible with most home styles.

How About a Bar?

A home bar doesn’t have to be a permanent feature in your home. You can opt for  portable bar console or a bar cart. These are easier to move around and store away when not in use. Having a bar at home to spend drinking or mixing cocktails and soju with the family over light conversations are the best. Your bar and the complimenting bar stools will be part of your family memories for years to come.

Go for a Cozy Look

Warm and homely houses need to feel cozy and welcoming. It’s not difficult to create that kind of feel in your home. Once you know not to keep things too minimal, you’re already part of the way there. One of the things you can do is focus on a more casual decor, which can also look smart and sophisticated at the same time. Using neutral colors is a good place to start, perhaps with some brighter accents to add some character. It’s also  a good idea to use lots of textiles and upholstery, from throws and cushions to rugs and curtains.

Put More Plants

There is no unhappy corner when there’s plant in it. Aside from lifting your mood and purifying the air around you, plants rid toxins. Choose plants that are easy to care for, like snake plants, monstera, peace lily, and aloe vera. These plants doesn’t require a lot to thrive, just don’t forget to water them, and they’d be happy greens keeping you happy too.

Make Your Home Look More Lived In, plants and pet cat
Make Your Home Look More Lived In : Get plants that are non-toxic to cats

Play More Music

Schweitzer once said: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” And depending on the genre, music will put you in the mood to dance along or relax. Even if you’re working out or doing work at home, music can stimulate you to push yourself.

Have Pets

Make Your Home Look More Lived In
Make Your Home Look More Lived In – Pin For Later!

Half of Schwitzer’s quote is about cats, and having them at home really makes a lot of difference. But not all can have cats, so dogs would be alright. So we can say, “No home is complete without the pitter-patter of kitty or doggie feet.” But if you are allergic to furry creatures, fish would do – although it’s still debated if they are considered pets since you can’t pet them. An aquarium is a great addition to one’s home. Watching fish swim around, and hearing the sound of water can relax and calm you.

If you want to give your home a personal touch, you need to use things that mean something to you around the house. A vase you saw at the store might look good, but it’s nothing compared to a photo of your family or a gift from a friend. Use your space to show your personality and the things that matter to you, and you’ll feel right at home.

Find more inspiration on how to make your home look more lived in by browsing Yaheetech’s UK Store, there’s surely something you’d fancy. What other ways can you add to make your home look more lived in? Let us know in the comments!


Make Your Home Look More Lived In, cozy kitchen
Make Your Home Look More Lived In : Enjoy

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