A Guide To Stocking Your Pantry

Stocking Your Pantry

One time or another, we’ve all started the dinner only to realise that we’re missing one thing or another. Whether its pasta, rice, herbs or seasoning, the last thing you want to do is ruin a meal because you haven’t stocked your pantry properly. The key to successful cooking is making sure that you have all the important ingredients to hand, even if they’re not part of your recipe. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself putting the cooking on hold so you can dash to the nearest supermarket – it’s amazing how some of the smallest additions from your pantry can enhance your meal.

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Food shopping is so much easier and cost effective when you have a well-stocked pantry, as you only have to purchase the basics like meat or fresh vegetables, and not every other accompaniment like sauces. Furthermore, by buying your pantry items in bulk, you’ll be able to keep your store well stocked as well as keeping your costs down – it’s all about saving time when you shop!

If you want your family to eat healthy, then you’re going to have to prepare all your meals from scratch. There are a number of benefits that home cooked meals have compared to fast food, and it also enhances your cooking skills when you’re making meals from raw ingredients. . To cook your meals however, you’re going to have to have working kitchen, so if your cooker is looking a little worse for ware, try to look for the latest kitchen appliances. Home cooked meals also mean that you can control the amount of fat, sugar, salt, and many more potentially harmful additives that your family eats.

Sadly, the culture we live in today does not make it easy to manage or eat foods that are good for us, and if you take a look around your local supermarket, no doubt you’ll find processed and heavily packaged trash food. This is why keeping a stocked and organised panty is important, as it’s a place where we can visually see what we’re putting into our bodies. Here are some of the best ingredients to stock in your pantry if you want to create the healthiest meals for your family.

Olive Oil

This essential pantry item is need if you want to cook…well, basically anything! Apart from adding flavour, it also contains lots of important antioxidants that cleanse your body. If you cook a lot, then you’ll probably go through 1-2 bottles of olive oil every week, so try buying large, cold-pressed olive oils in dark bottles to fill your pantry and save you money.

Sea Salt

Many people believe that salt is bad for the body, however it’s only the large amounts that are found in processed junk food that can harm your body. If you add salt to your homemade meal through a shaker, you’ll be reducing your intake by half compared to supermarket produce. The type of salt you use is also very import, and sea salt is the best on the market. Apart from adding flavour to fresh vegetables, it is also beneficial to your body.


There is no better spice to have in your pantry than pepper, especially if it’s freshly ground. Make sure you’re well stocked with pepper if you’re cooking for large groups, as many people like it on their meat as well as vegetables.

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