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Money Saving Tips for Lawn Care and Gardening

Lawn care

Want to get more involved with lawn care, treatments and gardening? Although it is an extremely rewarding task, it can also be a sap on money if you’re not careful. Use these 3 simple tips to keep your garden lush and your bank account happy!  

Hire a Professional

A manicured, beautiful lawn is something to be admired as it is certainly difficult to acquire! Doing your weeding, fertilising and lawn treatments yourself can be time consuming, costly and confusing. With this aspect of gardening, it is often more cost effective to hire a professional lawn care company. As you can pay in instalments and have consistent, expert treatments all year round, this is the best option when you want a beautiful, affordable lawn. 

Invest in Quality Tools

It might be tempting to buy a hammockstand, gardening tools and implements that appear cheap and an easy buy, but that might not be the best course of action. Gardening tools need to endure changing weathers and heavy duty action, so you don’t want to buy something of low quality materials. It is a far better idea to buy something that is built for duration, that may cost a little more, which won’t have you buying replacements every year. Do your research and try not to buy the cheapest item on the market, as you will probably end up having to buy the slightly more costly piece of equipment anyway the following year!

If you are still unsure about investing in quality equipment, it is worth checking second-hand shops and sites like Freecycle, where you can pick up some good stuff either free or at very little cost. 

Grow Your Gardening Social Circle

One fantastic way to get great advice, seedlings and cut offs, which can save you considerable money, is to reach out to fellow gardeners. They are a friendly community who love sharing knowledge. Look into gardening community groups online who share their best advice. This costs nothing and can add a great deal of value to your gardening. You might even stumble across a green-fingered comrade who is willing to give you some cut-offs and seeds from which you can grow your own garden. 

Reuse and Recycle

Often there are many items in the home that when they come to their end of use, get thrown away.  Creating a section in your garden where you can spend a lazy afternoon resting in a hammock which you can also be used as a reading nook . Even items such as cardboard boxes or egg cartons can find a second use in the garden. Make your own compost with vegetable peelings, fallen leaves, cardboard and egg shells. You could even recycle old bathroom items such as sinks to create miniature ponds to attract wildlife to the garden. The possibilities are endless and you can do your bit for the environment whilst not spending any money! 

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