Ensuring That She Will Love The Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring to propose to your partner, with it can be a daunting task deciding which ring to buy as there is so much choice available to you. If you have not done so already, you will need to do a bit of digging and find out what it is that they want in an engagement ring. You may need to solicit the help of friends and family as well, as long as they do not let it slip and spoil the surprise of you asking.

Engagement Ring

Get Some Help From Friends And Family

Even if you think you know what your partner likes in an engagement ring, it is always worth your while in getting a second opinion. You need to be careful as it will need to be someone that is close to your partner, so you need to avoid anything suspicious. Whether it is their best friend, or their mum or sister, taking a look at some engagement ideas with them and getting their opinion can help immensely. You can get some excellent ideas for engagement rings on the Pinterest website which will get you started on finding the perfect ring for the love of your life.

Keep In Mind Their Lifestyle

You may wish to give your hopefully future wife a ring with large diamonds in, but it is essential that you make sure that the ring is going to be practical for wearing every day. Although big and flashy rings are beautiful, they can sometimes be impractical to wear during everyday activities, and you run the risk of snagging it and even potentially damaging the ring.

Stretch Your Budget

When you have an idea of what style of a ring would melt the heart of your partner, you can then start shopping for the ring. You can do this the conventional way by visiting all of your local jewellery stores, or you could shop from the comfort of your home and see what is available on websites such as You can often get keen deals when you browse around online, and it is an excellent way to stretching your money and getting more bang for your buck. You might even look at having a bespoke engagement ring created which can be cheaper than some of the off the shelf rings that are available, and you get something that is unique and personal.

Make A Decision

Once you have made your decision, be confident that you have chosen the right ring and start to get prepared to ask the big question. If you can propose in such a manner that she is swept off of her feet, then it may not matter what the rings looks like as she will certainly say yes. Put as much thought and planning into your proposal as you did into buying the ring and you can sweep your darling off their feet and ensure that their answer is yes, and you will get to plan your wedding together.

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  1. I like simple rings, but won’t say no to diamonds…especially if given by my SO. I remember a scene from “On the wings of love” when James saw Nadine looking at a ring from a store, he bought it later on for her. cute! 😀

  2. The engagement ring that my husband gave me has a very small stone. But I am thankful, not only because I Know that was the only thing he can afford at that time, but because now I can just wear it anytime anywhere without hassle. I cannot imagine having a big stone on my ring. I fear it will snag on just about anything! hahaha So Yeah, lifestyle is pretty much very important.

    And oh, I do like diamonds, too.

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