8 Cleaning Tools You Need Around the Office

Keeping an office clean isn’t that much different from doing the same thing to a home. It’s only that the latter involves quite a bit more in terms of effort and tools, seeing as there’s a lot more ground to cover and a lot more occupants to take into consideration.

So if you’re an employee or a business owner who wants their office as clean as possible, finding out what kind of cleaning tools you need from a reputable and trusted cleaning services like Green Facilities is a great place to start.

Microfiber towels. A microfiber towel is the upgraded and advanced version of the regular towel. It’s better at everything that a towel can do when it comes to cleaning up around the office—soaking up moisture, picking up dust, and even disinfecting surfaces without the use of detergent. This is thanks to its unique fabrication, where tiny micro-sized fibers are used rather than the usual-sized threads. The result is a denser yet softer towel that is covered with microscopic bristles, allowing it to absorb more moisture while also making it almost magnetic to dust, grime, and germs.

So if you want to be more efficient at cleaning the office, then make sure to stock up on microfiber towels. As for where to buy microfiber cloth, simply consult your local hardware store or shop online at reputable dealers.

Vacuum cleaner. We all know what a vacuum cleaner is: it’s a cleaning machine that sucks up dirt and dust from the floor using negative air pressure. Many modern homes have one, so it’s not that much of a stretch to see it being used in an office setting. In fact, because the standard office gets a lot more daily foot traffic than any home, there’s going to be a lot more dust and dirt to deal with. This makes an office vacuum cleaner essential for the workplace.

The great thing about vacuum cleaners is that you can get it in practically any size you like. So if you’re someone who wants their part of the office to be spic-and-span, you don’t necessarily have to buy a full-size home vacuum cleaner. Instead, just buy one of the smaller handheld ones that will do the job just as well, if only a bit slower. If you’re the owner of the office, though, then you should definitely buy a full-sized or even industrial-sized vacuum cleaner.

Sponge mop. This is absolutely important for cleaning up spills and messes that you don’t necessarily want to get down on all fours to mop up. Sponge mops are also way better than typical shaggy moths as they are easier to clean, dry, and store. You just need to make sure to clean and wring them out using clean water.

Trash bags. You need something to store trash, garbage, and swept-up debris with, so stock up on a lot of trash bags. Make sure to buy the type that feels like it’s made of tougher stuff, as you don’t want your trash bag to be so delicate that it rips and leaks all over the place whenever the garbage collector comes to haul things away.

Newspapers. Newspapers are wonderful for wiping off freshly-cleaned glass and windows, ensuring a streak-free and attractive finish every time. Just remember to not let them rest on anything if they’re wet since the ink could run from the paper and stain whatever they’re in contact with.

Scouring pads. These abrasive pads help get rid of encrusted stains or greasy messes on tile, porcelain, and other hard surfaces. This makes them perfect for office floors as well as in the pantry for dishwashing purposes.

Disinfectant wipes. If you need to disinfect your hands or any surface in a hurry, these disposable wipes should do the trick. Don’t rely on them too much, though, because nothing beats a solid round of handwashing or proper cleaning to really remove bacteria and germs from anything.

Air fresheners. Air fresheners help remove unpleasant odors and make everything smell fresh and clean. These are indispensable especially in places where off-putting odors are frequent, such as the office pantry, restrooms, and rest areas. It’s also a good idea to ensure that working areas are also smelling wonderful, as this could easily impact productivity.


A clean office is a productive and profitable office. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you still have to do your part in keeping your working environment as fresh and as clean as possible. Otherwise you run the risk of you and your fellow workers getting sick, and no one wants that. Keep these important cleaning tools in adequate supply and you’ll never worry about any cleaning difficulties in the office.  


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