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I care deeply about the world that me and my kids live in and how the environment is gradually getting worse. I know that a lot of the damage that’s already been done is down to energy sources such as oil, gas, coal and nuclear power, which have contributed to global warming because of all the gases such as CO2 that have been released while power has been generated. This is why I wanted to set a good example to my kids and generate my own electricity using solar panels thanks to solar pv.

Solar panels are great because they run using natural sunlight, and if you live somewhere that has a sunny climate, you’re sure to generate plenty of your own electricity. By generating power using the sun, I’m not harming the environment, and I’m saving money on electricity bills too, meaning that my solar panels are paying for themselves.  

If you live somewhere that doesn’t have so much access to natural sunlight, then wind power could be just as useful. Ideal if you live near the coast or on higher ground, having a wind turbine could generate enough power for several homes, never mind yours. It might seem expensive, but like with solar panels, they will pay for themselves, and you might even get a government grant to help pay for it if you decide to buy one.

More people are using renewable energy now than before, and with good reason. As more people are seeing first-hand how fossil fuels are damaging the planet, they’re looking to alternative energy sources like solar and wind power. If you have children, you should tell them that it’s important to care for the environment and, when they grow up, if they have the money, they should

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  1. I think the trend is towards renewable energy and its good to start with solar panels. Our company has also shifted to bio-mass as a source of energy.

  2. Solar panels are sustainable and really works wonders but it’s too costly too. Though Austria gives subsidies to those opting for such, it will still cost a lot on our part…haaysss energy, so mahal!

  3. I’m just wondering how well they would be able to stand against scurrying cats though? Every now and then I always hear some cats running on our roof. Not sure if them doing that might do some damage. It would be great though.

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