Modish and inexpensive varicose veins treatment through compression stockings

Compression therapy is usually the initial approach and an inexpensive way  to help treat varicose veins. The use of medi compression stockings helps reduce venous pressure, move blood more efficiently through your legs, relieves heaviness, swelling and aching legs.

medi compression stockings

Compression stockings apply pressure in a gradient fashion- highest around the ankle with less pressure as they go up the leg.  They come in various designs, sizes, series, lengths and strengths measured by mmHg (unit of pressure). It is advisable to get a doctor’s prescription for the appropriate and adequate strength/pressure and size your legs need.

These stylish specially fitted elastic hose are breathable and durable. A garment that helps alleviate lower leg discomfort and can protect against further development of venous disorders.

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  1. Hi! Where can you buy or order these in Manila? Any ideas? I’m in the province and I have a difficult time finding these stockings..Hope you can help me! Thanks!

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