Bathroom Building: What You Need for a Renovation

Building the bathroom takes several types of professionals, such as construction, plumbing, and electrical experts. Grey Bruce custom home builders endeavor to build large, safe, roomy bathrooms with all of the most desired appointments. In most cases, the home builder will act as the general contractor who manages all of the phases of bathroom building and home renovation in Grey Bruce or around the country.


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Start with Planning

All renovation projects begin with a basic plan based on personal needs and preferences. Once the specific renovation needs are determined, the next phase of the project is design by a professional. Building a new, attractive, functional bathroom begins with a custom design. In large homes, bathrooms are constructed in bedrooms, as well as designated areas like a master bathroom. Half bathrooms may adjoin a laundry room, or be included in a basement area. As such, bathrooms are designed with a specific square footage that fit into the home’s basic design. Make sure your design fits the room’s parameters.


Renovations and Repairs

Renovations, repairs, and installation are the third phase of the project. The degree of bathroom renovation will determine the actual needs to complete the project. A construction professional can redesign the configuration of existing walls to expand the size of the bathroom if space is available. They may also relocate bathroom fixtures like a tub or add a free-standing shower. The new design may include relocating the toilet or vanity, to make the room appear more spacious and modern. For the homeowner, this may require consultations with the renovation expert to determine whether new plumbing piping and fixtures are necessary. This depends on the age of the existing bathroom, and the location of water supplies and drains. A bathroom renovation can also include installation of recessed lighting and an exhaust fan. Tub and shower enclosures are also needed to protect from water damage to flooring.


Final Touches

The final phase of completion may include new accessories like cabinetry, designated storage closets, peripheral shelving, window treatments, and choosing coordinating bathroom linens, shower mats, and slip-proof rugs. Decorations should be thought of in terms of necessity first. Get everything needed in first, then think about where to hang that wall painting last.

The major needs for a basic bathroom renovation often include thinking about the toilet, vanity, cabinets, and the shower or tub. Once the planning for each stage is complete it is important to look over what else can be fixed and added to. In no time, you should have the bathroom of your dreams.



5 Things Everyone Should Include in a Bathroom Makeover

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Every year, if we can afford it, it is good to get started on one major project in the home. Building and creating are just a part of our genes. There are certain things we can do that are almost guaranteed to add value to our homes if they are carried out to a reasonable standard. Improvements include:


  • New roof.
  • Gutters and soffits.
  • New windows.
  • Extension.
  • Conservatory.
  • Loft conversion.
  • New kitchen.
  • New bathroom.


There are other renovations and building projects; these are just the most obvious ones that spring to mind. We are going to investigate in this article, what to consider and include when renovating your tired old bathroom.



The first, and very important, thing to consider is the physical size of the room. No bathroom can be too big. If you have an adjacent, unused bedroom, would it be possible to move the partition wall sideways a couple of feet to increase the size of the bathroom? This is not always possible, but it is well worth checking out if the bedroom isn’t used. With a modern house, the wall may be constructed of timber frame and plasterboard finish. These are easy to move.



A separate shower cubicle,rather than a bath shower, is standard in modern bathroom design these days. Think big, however, and squeeze a double sized cubicle in, with a shower at either end. This can put an end to those moody, rushed mornings when couples are competing to get ready for work. Another question is what type of shower to install. Electric showers are simple to fit and can work independently. Unless a high quality one is fitted, however, they are prone to temperature changes when the water pressure drops or increases. Power showers fare better with pressure changes as the water to the shower is controlled by a pump.



Think along the same lines as with the shower. Two basins are better than one. Now you will appreciate the extra room gained by moving the wall. Compliment the twin basins by installing high quality bathroom taps and accessories such as towel rails.


Whirlpool Bath

Why not be the envy of your friends and neighbours with a whirlpool bath or jacuzzi? The chances are that this project is costing a lot of money already so another thousand pounds or so may not be too bad. For arthritis sufferers, they are the best invention since sliced bread.



A good lighting system in the bathroom will make the furniture and fittings gleam. Recessed ceiling lights are standard now, but they can be complemented with an illuminated bath panel, task lighting by the mirror, and even illuminated floor tiles. The mind boggles at the choices on the market.


After choosing the suite for you and following the above points, your bathroom will be on target to look stunning. It will soon be time to consider the wall coverings and flooring. The trend these days is to tile them with the same, or matching tiles. Alternatively, laminate flooring or modern vinyl will be the best choice for you. Only you can decide this; it is a matter of taste.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you have found some useful information to take away and apply in your own home. For now, I will leave you in the hope that your bathroom turns out just the way you hoped. Be bold.