Make Life Easier At Home With These Top Tips

Most of us find that life can be hectic and even chaotic at times. The demands of the family mean we are often on the go from dawn till bedtime without a break. Our homes can make life a little easier. It may require a little planning and organization to get things right. But hopefully, you will be able to save time and energy doing the things you need to do around the house. Here are our top tips for making life easier at home:


Have a clear out. Be strong and determined. Let those things go that offer you little more than a tidying headache. There may be old clothes, old toys, and even old gadgets that are of no use to you. Sell them, or just give them away. Making space for your belongings to be put away neatly and in an organized fashion can erase clutter from your home for good.

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Find some storage solutions that suit the decor of your home. You might buy a beautiful wooden sideboard for the cupboard space. Or a tiered drawer unit to tidy away all the kids craft items. Some people like to have a more minimalist look. This can be achieved by building floor to ceiling fitted cabinetry to hide away all your belongings.


After you’ve removed the clutter, it’s time to take the tidiness to the next level. Many people find they need to use extension cables to have all their gadgets plugged in. However, if you hire an electrician to install more sockets in the places you need them, cables can be tidied away. If you have some gadgets that require electrical repair, you can also have them installed neatly, so they are taking up less space.

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The kitchen can be a really tough area to keep tidy. Hanging pans and pots of utensils on the worktop can make the room look cluttered. Putting these items in drawers and cupboards keeps them out of the way. They are also less prone to splashes from cooking. With less to clean and less to clean around, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the kitchen.


Using appliances and gadgets that can make your life easier is a good idea. If you hate spending your sunny days hanging washing out, why not invest in a tumble dryer? If you have solar panels, it may not even cost you anything to run it! What about a robot vacuum? They can work while you’re out, or even while you’re asleep to keep your floors pristine.

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Human help like a cleaner or housekeeper can also buy you that valuable quality time with your family. Even one night off from the cooking and cleaning can be hugely beneficial to you. Perhaps you hate tending to your garden. Hire a gardener to take care of all that mowing and weeding.

It’s not always easy to get through a day and feel like you achieved everything you needed to. But with a few of these tips and tricks, you can enjoy a tidier home that is easier to keep clean.

Refreshing your home for spring

Whilst winter is all about hibernating, spring is the season where we can all enjoy preparing for the warmer months by sprucing up our homes. So whether it’s replacing that worn-out bed, or just planting some colourful new plants, now’s the time to make sure that your home is a beautiful place to be in 2016!

A burst of colour


One of the easiest ways to give your home a lift is through applying some bright and breezy colours to your interiors. Creating an accent wall that utilises Pantone’s on-trend colours of rose quartz and serenity blue is an instant way to provide a touch of feminine softness for the new season. And liberally placing vases of freshly-cut daffodils around your home is also cost-effective way to celebrate the new season in style!

Out with the old

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Having a good clear out is another essential part of the spring season. Our kitchen cupboards are invariably stacked with foodstuffs that are well past their use-buy date. And similarly there’s nothing better than getting some new furniture to announce the start of a new year. We’re supposed to replace our mattresses every seven years, and some star brands at the likes of Bedstar can certainly help ensure that you’ll get sweet dreams in these beds throughout 2016!

Simple style

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Once you’ve got rid of the clutter and embraced some quality furniture, it’s the fun time where you get to imbue your interiors with your own particular style. Whether it’s embracing the Scandi-chic trend of fresh white walls and warming wooden tones, or joining the shabby-chic revolution with your own take on folk art, there’s so many quick and easy ways that you can give your home a revamp without necessarily breaking the bank.

Embracing the outdoors

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But the real star is springtime is always nature. And that’s why it’s so inspiring to get outdoors and see the new bursts of life poking through the soil. Once you’ve cleared the dead leaves away and trimmed back any weeds, then it’s time to sculpt your garden for the summer season by encouraging daffodils, crocuses, tulips and other colourful blooms to form a wonderful natural backdrop to your home. If in doubt, just check the RHS website for reminders on all of the monthly tasks.

And with spring being the time when many furniture retailers provide some special offers, it’s the perfect excuse to have the home that you truly deserve in 2016!


Winter proof your home

From rain to gales to snow, the winter weather can be extremely damaging to our homes if we fail to take the necessary precautions. Here are some top ways to protect your home and make it safer this winter…

Stair treads

As the festive period approaches, chances are your house will play host to a number of visitors, who could well have muddy and wet shoes. Wet floors are simply an accident waiting to happen, so prevent any trips, slips or falls by investing in some stair treads. Often made from carpet or rubber, these treads, when placed on your stairs, will make them less slippery and more secure for walking on. If you’re a landlord and your property features outside stairs, it might be worth getting a professional company like Lionweld Kennedy to install some industrial steel stair treads, to ensure your tenant’s safety this winter.



Almost everybody has had the stressful moment of watching your fence sway tenuously in the wind, as the winter weather gives it a beating. Ensure your peace of mind this winter by taking the opportunity this autumn to make sure your fence is secure and sturdy, and ready for anything the winter throws at it. Replacement panels and posts are considerably cheaper than replacing the entire fence, so taking these preventative measures could save you pounds in the future.


It is all well and good putting off repairing your roof when the glorious summer was here. However, a loose or missing tile can have extremely detrimental effects to your home in the winter. Waterproof your house and protect your possessions from getting water damaged by carrying out the repairs now. Once the winter weather kicks in, you may find it difficult to find a professional who can carry out the work, especially if we are experiencing high winds. It is best to get it sorted now to avoid having various buckets catching leaks dotted around your home.

Taking these precautions now will benefit you massively in the months to come.