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Refreshing your home for spring

Whilst winter is all about hibernating, spring is the season where we can all enjoy preparing for the warmer months by sprucing up our homes. So whether it’s replacing that worn-out bed, or just planting some colourful new plants, now’s the time to make sure that your home is a beautiful place to be in 2016!

A burst of colour


One of the easiest ways to give your home a lift is through applying some bright and breezy colours to your interiors. Creating an accent wall that utilises Pantone’s on-trend colours of rose quartz and serenity blue is an instant way to provide a touch of feminine softness for the new season. And liberally placing vases of freshly-cut daffodils around your home is also cost-effective way to celebrate the new season in style!

Out with the old

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Having a good clear out is another essential part of the spring season. Our kitchen cupboards are invariably stacked with foodstuffs that are well past their use-buy date. And similarly there’s nothing better than getting some new furniture to announce the start of a new year. We’re supposed to replace our mattresses every seven years, and some star brands at the likes of Bedstar can certainly help ensure that you’ll get sweet dreams in these beds throughout 2016!

Simple style

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Once you’ve got rid of the clutter and embraced some quality furniture, it’s the fun time where you get to imbue your interiors with your own particular style. Whether it’s embracing the Scandi-chic trend of fresh white walls and warming wooden tones, or joining the shabby-chic revolution with your own take on folk art, there’s so many quick and easy ways that you can give your home a revamp without necessarily breaking the bank.

Embracing the outdoors

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But the real star is springtime is always nature. And that’s why it’s so inspiring to get outdoors and see the new bursts of life poking through the soil. Once you’ve cleared the dead leaves away and trimmed back any weeds, then it’s time to sculpt your garden for the summer season by encouraging daffodils, crocuses, tulips and other colourful blooms to form a wonderful natural backdrop to your home. If in doubt, just check the RHS website for reminders on all of the monthly tasks.

And with spring being the time when many furniture retailers provide some special offers, it’s the perfect excuse to have the home that you truly deserve in 2016!


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