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Five Great Tips To Renovate Your Garden For The Summer

Far too, many gardens are left to their own devices and suffer as a result. They become overgrown and represent a jungle more than a garden. Does this sound like yours? Well, all is not lost. With the summer approaching, you might be feeling a bit guilty about the state of your garden. Not only do you want to spend your time in the sun, you might have to have people around for barbeques and socialising events. What will they think? If you don’t want your garden to be the talk of the town, here’s how to renovate it for the summer.

Get Pruning

Before your garden can look like professionals off the television, have used a team of crack experts to fix it, you have to start with the basics. If your garden is a little bit overgrown and bushy, start pruning the excess. Tear out any weeds, plants or shrubs that don’t need to be there, and don’t be picky because it makes your life harder. If it isn’t in your plans, rip it out and start afresh.

Move The Plants

Gardens are no different than the inside of a house; a little rearranging, and it changes the whole style. If you are looking to add some perspective to your garden, move the plants around and try out different styles and variations until you get the one that you want. It might be something out of a magazine, or it might be a style that you have created on your own. Whatever it is, it will totally renovate the look of your garden.

Be Practical

When you start to add specific elements to your garden you need to think practically. You want your garden to look as good as possible, but it is arbitrary to put in all that work for it to come undone after a few weeks. Try and mix and match practicality with aesthetics. For example, if you have a lovely rose garden, try a grass paving or stone paving option for the path. Well, what’s the point of a rose garden if you can’t walk up and smell the roses? For more information on grass-paving check out http://www.truegridpaver.com/grass-paving.php

Build A Shed

Gardens tend to be the place where you store unwanted items. If you are doing up your garden, however, you cannot afford to store bits and bobs in the garden anymore. But, if you build a shed this is a great place for extra storage. In fact, it is the main purpose of a shed. So, the tool boxes and children’s toys that set up camp in your garden can now be thrown into the shed. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how much space a garden shed provides and how much better your garden looks as a result.

Hire A Pro

No one wants to hear it, but hiring a professional is always a good option if you can afford it. The reason so many gardens spiral out of control in the first place is the fact that people don’t have the time to maintain them.


Image source: www.geograph.org.uk/more.php?id=3716609


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  1. Great tips! I’m a garden lover but has been guilty for a while to let it look like a jungle. I’m starting over again and would like to make it more colorful but adding several local flowering plants.

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