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Home Updates: Six Signs It’s Time For A Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is worth big bucks when you put your house on the market. It’s also just a place where you should feel comfortable. If you aren’t feeling the magic, however, or if you suspect that your kitchen is too old or outdated to be worth much, here are six ways to know for sure that it’s time to remodel.

Persistent Leaks

If you notice water coming from your sink, dishwasher or refrigerator, it’s probably time to renovate. While some leaks can be fixed with simple replacement parts, the fact that things are starting to wear down means that it’s only a matter of time before they break permanently. Be sure to get the help of professional plumbers for major problems or new installations, say the experts at Midwestern Plumbing Service.

Outdated Features and Floors

That vinyl has to go. Not only is it an eyesore from a decade long gone, but it also decreases the property value of your home by virtue of being old and out of style. Call in the experts to help you install something fresh and modern like granite or chrome.

Noisy Appliances

It isn’t just an annoying sound. Humming, whirring or beeping appliances are signs that they’re at the end of their lifespan, which probably means you’ve had them for too long anyway. Look into modern appliances with energy-saving properties. You’ll decrease your monthly utility bill and do your part for the environment.

No Space for Innovation

Older homes often lack floor and counter space because they were originally built for a single chef. Now that it’s a newer, more modern time filled with big families and couples’ cooking nights, the time is ripe for a remodel that gives you more room. Consider expanding your counters or knocking out the wall of your adjoining dining room.

Lack of Light

Sunlight is good for the soul. It’s also good for your property value. Kitchens with skylights, screen doors and other open-air features are usually worth thousands more than a windowless room without a view. If you’d like to create value as well as soak up summertime rays, bring the sun into your kitchen.

An Avalanche of Little Problems

There’s mold under the sink. Your cabinet doors won’t swing shut anymore. The built-in microwave has dinged its last ding. Small problems can really add up, especially where your finances are concerned. It’s often more prudent to embark on a complete remodel than fix a dozen tiny imperfections.


These are just a few warning signs that it’s time to renovate your kitchen. If you’re anything like most homeowners, you spend quite a bit of time there, so it’s worth the effort of making it a comfortable and contemporary space.

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