A much loved fragrance lotions

A glowing skin is what most of us also call as flawless skin. Keeping the skin healthy and radiant can protect us from many skin diseases. Keeping it moisturized and hydrated can help slow down wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing.

rainkissed leaves by Bath and Body works and Pink by Victoria’s Secret

Lately, I’ve been skipping the use of my favorite perfume, and instead use my much loved fragrant lotions for fragrance and at the same time to moisturize my skin. I use two different brands alternately, both gives and leaves me a fresh feeling and scent that I do not need to layer perfume over it most of the time.  After a shower or bath I just apply and put it on all over my body and amazingly the scent stays longer than I thought. My husband loves its fresh scent which is not too strong to trigger his allergic rhinitis, lol.

I stick on using to my preferred brands not only because I am used to it but I get disappointed trying other products that don’t live up with my expectations. Just in case I need to wear a perfume, I use unscented lotion to harmonize with the perfume’s scent.


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