A Revival of the Old School Fashion in the Present Day

old school fashionFashion without a doubt has come a long way from the petticoats and stylish hats era of the past.  Outfits today have become a great combination of creativity and purpose. Considering the progress that we have made in the field of clothing, we still look back at our past and recreate styles based from the best taste in style. Today, a revival of popular fashion styles is once again a trend, thus, old school fashion is coming back.


First, what is old school fashion? Well, it constitutes of fashion coming from 1970s-1980s. Style conscious young adults and teenagers are bringing old school fashion back today. The clothes do not only determine old school style. Old school fashion manifests in accessories, hairstyles and garments used. Nonetheless, the question is, “Why is old school fashion coming back?”


There are several reasons why people are bringing back old school fashion.  The television has a big influence to bring back old school fashion. People who grew up watching reruns of the old shows in tv are the ones bringing back the old style and make it modish.


The media without a doubt brought about the old school fashion rebirth. The creativity of combining the old fashion with the fresh new ideas in fashion today such as the use of lace, mini-skirts and bermuda shorts not only looks good but helps them reconnect with a past which was not as complicated as the world today. It gained popularity then and once reintroduced will surely achieve recognition in society.


The old vogue is admired because of the fact that there’s just something about it that is so attractive and sexy.  The trademarks of the past like the Michael Jackson’s fitted pants, fitted spandex and more which younger generation has not seen.


Moreover, many people think that old school fashion is hip and cool when mixed with today’s modern designs with the utilization of the advanced technology of comfortable fabrics resulting in elegant, showy or casual approach in manner and style.


The reason why old school fashion is coming back is because it remains a superior example of recalling the beautiful past, to bring back the good things out of the past and make it a part of the present time and maybe till the future.

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