Desert Life: What No One Told You About Moving West

When someone moves out west to states such as New Mexico, Utah, or Arizona, getting used to living in a dry desert environment requires time. Individuals moving to dry desert areas also need to make changes in their daily habits to have a higher quality of living. The basic things the human body must adjust to are the hot temperatures and lack of moisture in the air.

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Drink More Water

When traveling to a desert area, it is vital to begin drinking more water several days in advance to increase the volume of moisture in the body’s tissues. The body also needs more salt due to loss of this mineral in perspiration. Visitors to a desert environment can choose to buy ready-made beverages designed for athletes or add a small amount of salt to beverages made at home.

Apply Sunscreen Frequently
The constant sunny days and hot temperatures require frequent application of sunscreen products to avoid short-term problems such as sunburn or long-term conditions like skin cancer. There are numerous sunscreen products designed for the face or body, including lotions, sprays or creams. Choose a sunscreen product with a high sun protection factor or SPF to prevent damage to the skin that can lead to wrinkles and discolorations. Many places will not have as many trees for shade, so use a hat rather than rely on the surroundings.

Use a Humidifier 
Desert environments have a low-level of humidity, leading to difficulties with breathing, or rashy, dry skin for many individuals coming from elsewhere. Having a humidifier in a home makes a big difference in how you might feel and begin to adjust to your new home. The addition of moisture to the air helps to avoid a sore throat in addition to dry skin. There are humidifier systems that are added to air-conditioners or portable devices that are moved from one room to another. It may take some time to adjust to the dryness and altitude, so plan accordingly.

Installing Window Shutters
Keeping the intense sunlight of a desert out of your home helps to keep the rooms cooler, making it more comfortable and a little easier on your air conditioning. A great way to block sunlight from entering windows is with exterior or interior shutters with adjustable levers that make it simple to allow a small amount of light in when needed. An assortment of window shutters are available locally in Las Vegas in different colors and styles.

Adaptation to a Desert Environment Requires Time
Aftermoving to a desert, people can experience major reactions to the constant dry air and high temperatures. However, the human body begins to adapt eventually by changing the way it reacts to the intense sunlight by causing the blood vessels to enlarge slightly to assist with cooling the internal organs. This leads to people having a flushed appearance for several weeks during the warmest times of the day. You’ll have to take your time and find ways to adjust slowly on your own.

Living out west is a rewarding experience, and a great place for growing families to live. If you’re planning a move out to one of the driest, highest states, make sure you know what to expect and how to help your body adjust.


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