Different types of bags

Impeccable bags need not be a designer brand or expensive as long as it fits one physique. You will look stylish and classy even with locally made bags that are less expensive.  Elegance in carrying a bag depends on how the bag will complement one’s body figure, outfit, place and occasion.

The following are the different types of bags we usually see around.

The most common bag carried by women is the shoulder bag. It comes in different shapes and sizes and designed to be worn over the shoulder. The large ones generally are compartmentalized with numerous pockets inside and out to hold your vanity kit, keys, notebook, cellphone, purse and more.

Bags worn across the body are called cross body bags or more commonly known as messenger bags. It also comes in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes.  These bags are most commonly sported by students, travelers, postmen and other job related couriers.

messenger bag
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Clutch bags are normally carried by working professionals, tucked under the arm or carried in by the hand. Women love to use it for evening parties and events, while working men usually carry the oversized clutch bag to hold their personal things going to work.

clutch bags
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Casual bags that are often made from cloth or canvas, which have one main compartment with its opening at the top are Tote bags. These bags are big, best for outdoor activities, commonly used by military personnel, hikers and mountain climbers.

Waxed Canvas Tote Bags
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Travel bags or luggage are large bags meant for travelling, most of these bags are waterproof and are leather-made, tailor made hard plastic.  Big sturdy bags perfect as a trip companion as it contains everything you’ll need while you’re away from home.

travel bag
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Briefcases are what most lawyers usually carry, mainly for transporting papers and important documents. It is flat, rectangular-shaped made of leather, vinyl or hard plastic. It contains lock with combination keys.

leather briefcase
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The all season bag for students and young professionals is the backpack. The straps intended to be worn on the back makes it comfortable for carrying school items like books, notebooks and other supplies. It is also a great alternative for carry-on or duffle bags for small distance traveling, camping and other outdoor activities.

back pack

The choice of bags depends on what you need to bring and carry. It is one of the important accessories used to complete an outfit and should be carefully chosen to distinctively complement the wearer’s look.


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