All-in-One Messenger Bag

Ever since I became a mom I seldom use small shoulder bags when we go out as a family. I get used to carrying a big roomy bag enough to hold a lot of stuff.  Because when you have kids it seems like you have to bring the closet with you when going out for a walk or a jaunt, lol.

And even now that my kids are already 22 and 12 years old, I still want my big bag with me. It ensures me comfort and allows easy access to its contents. I was able to buy myself a new messenger like bag three months ago, a birthday gift for myself.  I love its color and design.  It is also water resistant and durable as I checked on its seams.

What attracted me most are the pockets, I like bags with many pockets and partitions so I can organize my stuffs :). What’s inside my bag? Aside from my beauty kit which only consists of a small comb, pressed powder, lip gloss and lipstick. Other contents are a folded eco-carrier bag, an extra shirt for my youngest hyperactive son, baby powder, alcohol, band aid, safety pin, pen, small notepad, my husband’s mini electronic organizers and my son’s handheld game gadgets (PSP and Nintendo) etc. etc.  What about you do you also prefer big bags?


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