Maxi-Dress a Summer Hip

A maxi-dress is the same with what our grandmothers call muumuus. It is an informal or formal long dress worn by women with different styles, designs and colors.

Maxi-dresses vary according to genre and age of the lady who will wear it. Older women prefer solid colors and conservative appearance while teenagers or young females like it fashionable in stripes, floral patterns and polka dots. Generally, this lengthy clothing has stretchy fabric around the mid-section, the reason why most pregnant women prefer this outfit too.

My favorite maxi-dress

Summer is fast approaching, and this garb will surely be a summer’s hit. For daywear, a printed maxi-dress is a perfect choice to look elegant.

photo from the web
photo from the web
photo from the web


photo from the web

Casual long dresses can be worn with bohemian jewelries wedges and a messenger bag.  Lately, there are already a lot of Maxi-dresses available in the Department Stores, I was already eyeing to buy another maxi dress soon 🙂


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  1. You look good! And I don’t usually like dresses, but I’m actually thinking about buying one of these soon. Now, I need to tone my arms first… Or wear something to cover ’em LOL

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