Comfortable slippers for a relaxing walk

Slippers are considered to be the perfect footwear for home wear. Pamper your feet by wearing soft and comfy slip-ons after a day’s work wearing closed shoes or high heeled stilettos. Choosing soft and light weight sandals can provide comfortable and relaxing walk after a tiring day.

Wearing the wrong slippers can cause issues when walking, so it is important to get the right size to help reduce foot injuries. Opt for non-slip soles and bottoms for safety as the common reason for slipping is related to the foot wear. Doctors advise most diabetics to wear slippers as it can offer warmth and comfort that will allow a good flow of blood. 

My husband and I use slippers not only for home use but wearing it when making short trips or running short errands such as walking our pet dog in the morning, or when doing our grocery shopping in larger supermarkets. I actually love wearing slippers since I was a kid. I bring it along to the office to replace my high heeled shoes when working for it gives me a better feeling. Just recently, I  bought a new pair for me, my husband, and my mom too.



One important reminder, slippers may also contribute to toenail fungus growth. Make sure to dry your feet completely before putting it on after a shower or bath.


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