Color and Line Guidelines Tips in choosing Clothes

Christmas season is just around the corner. Bazaars and Mall Sale are once again lively and everywhere. During this season, more people are into shopping spree.  It is best for us to buy clothes for the family wisely to get our money’s worth. Here are some basic guidelines in buying and choosing clothes.
It is important to know the right color that will match your skin when choosing and buying clothes.
Skin Color               Suggested Fitting Color
White                         pale rose,blue, green, yellow or any bright color
Black                         medium red, yellow, green, light  green, light brown
Brown                        pink, dirty white, dull red, violet

Dull and dark colors will make you look smaller
Black color will make you look thin
Bright and light colors will make you look larger
  • Vertical lines make you look taller and thinner
  • Horizontal lines make you look larger and shorter
  • Larger designs increase one’s apparent size
  • To look slim or thin, choose garments with small or fine designs
  • If you are thin and tall, wear clothes with diagonal lines to make you look larger and smaller
Collars and Necklines
  • V-neck and pointed collar shirts are suited for full and rounded faces
  • Collarless neckline is best for those with short neck
  • High collar for long neck
  • Wide collars and square necklines for those with oval-shaped faces

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  1. true Ms.Joy po and I love wearing pastel colors and bright colors because I have a light skin tone po..half Chinese eh..I also love wearing white..passing by Ms.Joy..can I ask po your mail ad? you can leave it po on my comment box po thank you ;).. so you have an idea po how do I look like hihihi..ssshhhhhh 😉

  2. since payat ako(slim sabi ko at sexy sabi ni hubby) ay hindi ako nag ba black .in fact wala talaga akong black dress .at puro light color lang ang sinusuot ko dahil brown skin ako fav ko ay pink kasi feeling ko naputi ako. daming tips pero minsan pagmagsho shopping kung ano ang magustuhan binibili basta type ang style

  3. hubby has a full rounded face and i told him that he should wear v-neck shirts. he didn't listen. he said he hates v-neck shirts. his favorite are rounded neck shirts na lalong nagpapataba sa mukha nya. 🙁

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