Sungka is a Filipino board game.  For as long as I remember I enjoyed playing it with my cousins when we were still young.  We usually play it when it is raining and we cannot play outdoor.
It is a shallow boat made of solid wood.  At the two ends are large deep bowls carved into the wood.  The whole length is lined with seven smaller bowls in pairs.

Familiar is the click of sigay or cowrie shells ( the counters for sungka) when they fall in play into the bowls.  My late grandfather was the one who taught us how to play it. How brightly my smile was when I scoop a bowl full of counters into my home bowl.  I can still remember that we argue about moves and often it will result to blows, we fight over the counters and there are tears when a whole bowl full of counters is gobbled by the other player, LOL.
For this reason, sungka has two important rules. First, the players must always look down on the board and second, the players have to hold their hands high over the bowls when they drop the counters.  In this way, it can be seen that they are really dropping a counter into each bowl.
When we ate at Lola Maria’s, I was so happy to see a beautiful sungka board, I can’t help reminiscing the good old days.  I thought of buying a beautiful sungka too and teach my children how to play it. I know for sure that they will also like it like I do.

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  1. Na-miss ko tuloy Lolo ko. Sa tuwing makakakita ako ng sungka siya yung unang-unang pumapasok sa isip ko. Paano ba naman kasi, Siya yung nagtiyagang magturo sakin tapos ginawan niya pa ako ng sungka.

    Sana maligaya sya saan man sya ngayon! πŸ™‚

  2. wow what a beautiful sungka ! it is my first time to see that kind. i am also fond of playing sungka especially before when i was in grade school to high school. bantay kasi ako sa tindahan namin, so it's amazing past time apart from other board games.Β 

    However, a relative warned us. Playing sungka daw ay nagdadala ng malas. hayun, natambak na lang tuloy. pero once in a while nilalaro pa rin namin kahit maliit na bato na lang yung inilalagay sa mga butas.

    mabuhay! Β 

  3. same here my grandpa was the one who taught me how to play it, wherever he is, I know he would be happy to see this post πŸ™‚

  4. yes sis sabi din ng lolo ko noon bawal kami maglaro ng sungka sa loob ng bahay, so he placed it sa azotea hehe

  5. this is actually one of the reasons why we like going to Legend Villas, this exact sungka they have. hope we meet personally next time, I live 5 mins away from Legend.

  6. Oh wow, ang gandang sungka! I love playing this noon, pero ayaw na ayaw ni daddy ng sungka dito sa bahay, meron daw kasing "sunog" ek-ek. πŸ™‚

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