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How To Protect Your PC From Unwanted Virus

Virus contamination is a very common computer problem that most of us always experience. Viruses come in many forms.  They may be slow risk or high risk.  Here are tips on how to prevent acquiring viruses into your computers.
  1. Install an Anti-Virus Software.  You can choose from a range of anti-virus softwares in the web.  Some are free for home use and the rest are for paid subscription.  In my case I am only using a free anti-virus which is light and easy to use.
  2. Update your anti-virus regularly.  This is very important, for no matter how good your anti-virus is, if its database is not regularly updated, it will surely fail you.
  3. Run a complete system scan with your anti-virus on a regular basis too.
  4. Disable Auto-play.  This will prevent autorun viruses to run and get into your computer system.
  5. Show hidden Files and Folders.  This will enable your anti-virus to check on malicious hidden files and folders when you run the complete system scan.
  6. Make a habit of opening files and folders using the Windows Navigation Pane. Double clicking folders is ok, but if a virus is hiding inside such folder, especially an autorun virus, it will automatically run and go into your computer system.
  7. Explore external hard drives and flash disks with the Windows Navigation Pane.  External harddisks are the best culprits of transferring viruses, especially when you use it also in other computers.
  8. As much as possible avoid downloading files from untrusted sites.  Some files are usually accompanied by malwares, trojan virus and root kits.


I will be discussing on tutorials on how to disable auto play, show hidden files and folders and many more in my upcoming articles. So stay tuned J

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