Five lucrative career paths for tech-loving kids

Five lucrative career paths for tech-loving kids

If your kids love technology, the good news is that there are some fantastic career opportunities. Here are five well-paid roles to inspire you:

1. Infrastructure project manager

Integrating IT platforms, websites and mobile applications require a coherent strategy to guarantee trouble-free and crash-free operation.

Whether within start-ups or IT services companies, they ensure, in particular, the articulation and interoperability of Windows, Linux, and Unix systems, as well as databases hosted on internal servers, in the Cloud, or on LAN, WLAN, etc. networks. Cyber ​​security has become one of the priorities of this professional.


At least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and extensive professional work experience, often over ten years.


The salary of an infrastructure project manager depends on the network’s complexity, the activity sector and the experience. The average UK salary for an Infrastructure Project Manager is £57152 per year.

Data scientist


2. Data scientist

A data scientist is a tech wizard who uses data on potential customers and marketing targets to create predictive models. Unlike the data analyst, the data scientist integrates all the information into marketing and digital prospecting strategies.


You’ll typically require a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or Data Management and then a post-graduate qualification in data science.


The shortage of candidates leads to significant variations in salary. The latter is also linked to the employer’s experience, diplomas and sector of activity. Indeed, the public service is also looking for these professionals. An expected salary in the UK ranges from £95,000 to 150,000 per year.

3. Web developer

Web developers are always in high demand in the job market. However, the proliferation of digital platforms and e-commerce sites, combined with the computerization of traditional businesses, has accentuated the shortage of candidates.

The web developer is at the heart of design projects and the creation of websites and applications. Under the direction of the lead developer, they write the required computer programs and perform diagnostics to ensure that they are working correctly. In addition, they sometimes provide technical support for sites and applications throughout their life cycles.


No formal qualifications are necessary, but a web developer should be highly proficient in one or more web development languages, such as Java, ASP or PHP, and content management systems (CMS). A degree in Computer Science or related technical subject is also preferable.


Pay and benefits vary by industry, experience, and company size, but the average salary in the UK is £38 per year.

software engineer


4. Embedded software engineer

The increasing digitization of the various industrial sectors, particularly in the supply chain, has led to the proliferation of machines and interconnected objects. Whether it is the supply chain, healthcare establishments or industrial production sites, the embedded software engineer ensures the development and improvement of software and its integration into the company’s digital networks.


A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field followed by at least five years of experience in a software development role or similar position.


The average embedded software engineer salary in the United Kingdom is £50,000 annually. However, the shortage of professionals in this field, especially in machine vision technology means that advertised wages are often much higher.

5. Lead developer

The lead developer – or digital project manager – is in charge of all the phases of an IT project, from its design to implementation. Lead developers direct teams of application or website developers. He also coordinates interactions with other departments within the company or start-up.


This tech profession is accessible with A levels or a BTEC; however, a Master’s degree is preferred.


The median annual salary of a lead developer at the start of their career is £64 k not including possible bonuses and commissions.


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