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Glo is bringing you a revolutionary new way to do yoga. You can now take yoga classes online thanks to Glo. Glo is a yoga platform with a mission to change lives by making it easy for masses to access the therapeutic meditation and yoga online lessons. They firmly believe that yoga is for everyone and therefore everyone should be able to access it no matter where they are. These yoga online classes encompass both meditation and yoga, and it seeks to explore your heart, mind, and body.

Glo is committed to helping you better take care of yourself. Because yoga and meditation are a lifelong beneficial process, the platform seeks to help you committed by availing classes for you anywhere you are in the world. The platform aims to empower individuals globally to take care of themselves health-wise through yoga and meditation.

Something for everyone

This platform prides itself on its extensive video gallery covering self-building lectures, meditation, and yoga. Anyone can benefit from checking out the yoga online classes through this platform as in their thousands of videos; hundreds will definitely cater to your specific needs. So, whatever your motivations may be to do meditation or yoga, this platform has got you covered. Glo puts itself ahead of the game by having all its videos shot professionally with experience and certified professors and yoga teachers conducting the classes. All these are part of the platform’s effort to meaningfully touch lives.

Meditation and stress reduction

The world now is quite a harsh place and all the day to day pressures from yourself, the people around, and the society in general, most at times takes a toll on you. The stress keeps building up day by day, and it may end up not only affecting your mental health but also your physical health. Obesity and many other lifestyle diseases have been linked to stress. It is at times that you feel that meditation comes in handy. Meditation helps you unwind and release the pressure on your mind and body.

To get a good meditation or yoga class online, you can always rely on Glo. The certified teachers and professors available on this platform have a deep understanding of meditation and stress-reducing techniques. These meditation techniques have been put to the test numerous times by the teachers and professors not only to themselves but also to other people they have encountered in their career, and it worked. These stress-reducing meditation techniques include:

Focus techniques

This is a meditation technique that seeks to explore what’s happening on the inside of your mind. Focus techniques require you to take a spectator’s seat in your mind and observe what is going on in your mind. To make this technique work best, you have to pick one thought that’s making you feel heavy and focus on it. With breathing as a stimulus, you can take a deep dive into the thought, and you will always feel better and have solutions.

Awareness mindfulness

Awareness mindfulness is another powerful meditation technique that’s is used to reduce stress on the yoga class online from Glo. This technique is basically the opposite of focus mindfulness. Here you let your mind be aware of what’s happening around it not. Additionally, you separate yourself from your mind and look at it as if it belonged to someone else.

Object meditation

Teachers and professors at Glo also utilize object meditation as part of their stress relieving techniques. This technique involves you holding an object that interests you and focusing on it while being aware of the feedback you get from your mind.

Taking your online yoga classes will help you master these meditation techniques and many more.

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