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How to Integrate YouTube Into Your eCommerce Solution

When it comes to marketing an eCommerce site, there are multitudes of methods that can offer great benefits. Streaming video has developed into an excellent platform to not only inform potential consumers, but to advertise goods and services as well. YouTube can be used as one of those methods that can enhance sales while driving additional traffic to your online store. With it’s free account use and very high rate of traffic, you can promote goods while enhancing your online reputation in a single video.

Content of the Video

When developing a video to accompany your products or services, you want to keep it short and succinct. You want to provide pertinent information regarding the topic just as you would see on television. Perhaps you could add ways to use the specific product or how consumers could benefit from a service. Regardless of what you decide to include, keep the video as short as possible.

Embedded Onto Your Site

YouTube videos can be easily added to virtually any eCommerce website. The system provides you with the coding after the upload is complete. Simply copy and paste the code into the products description page and you have a video stream regarding the product. Of course you will need to be able to access an editor of some kind for HTML on the eCommerce solution. Luckily, most systems have this capability included.

The Right Size

When it comes time to add the video to your site, YouTube gives you the capability of altering the actual size of the player. This allows you to resize the video to fit your product page perfectly. Options such as this are under the “Share” portion of the video’s page while being placed in the “Show More” section.

Keeping Competitor Videos Away

In the options for the video, you can find the check box that controls whether or not to show suggested videos when your video is finished. Deselect this item in order to prevent other videos from being displayed on your site. This will help prevent the competition from being shown on your eCommerce store, which could have the possibility of taking potential customers away your business. It can also eliminate showing other inappropriate videos directly on your site.

Being Descriptive

Fill out all of the information regarding each video in full. YouTube videos are crawled for content just like any other website, which can show in search results. This, essentially, gives you two forms of marketing for your products simultaneously: YouTube and Google. Make sure you have all pertinent tags and keywords related to your products or services as well as links back to your website and product page.

YouTube can be a powerful platform for advertising your products or services. When you mix in other marketing strategies and merchandising, you could easily create a successful website. By keeping your overhead affordable, platforms such as YouTube can be one of the most cost efficient methods for generating interest in your brand. Find a flexible and reliable cart system that lets you take advantage of what the Internet has to offer for marketing such as adding video content.


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