How To Pick The Right Fridge For Your Home

The type of refrigerator a homeowner chooses depends largely on the size of the household, what that household is used to eating, whether it want a French door fridge or second hand, whether it likes homemade food or takeaway and how much the family entertains.

Choosing a refrigerator is especially important because a refrigerator uses a surprising amount of energy. A refrigerator operates very much like an air conditioner in that it removes heat and moisture and suppresses the growth of bacteria. This is a complicated system and because of that the refrigerator can represent as much as a quarter of the household fuel bill. So refrigerators need to be energy efficient as well as appropriate for the household. One good rule of thumb would be to have 3.65 cubic feet of space for the Mum and Dad and 1.2 cubic feet for each of the kids.


Top Freezer

The freezer-on-top type of fridge has been popular for decades because it’s easy to install and it’s affordable. It also lets the homemaker reach into the back of the shelves without too much strain. This is a bonus if there’s a great deal of cooking going on in the house.

Side By Side

In the side by side model, the fridge is on one side and the freezer is on the other. These units come with narrow doors which are good for a small space. But though they’re good for tiny kitchens, it’s difficult to store large items in them like the Sunday joint. They also tend to use more energy and cost more money that freezer-on-top models. However, the side by side models are more likely to have ice and water dispensers.

Bottom Freezer

The refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom hold less than the other refrigerators and is more expensive, but people who use them say they make up for this because everything in the refrigerator part is at eye level. This means there’s no bending to retrieve stuff from the bottom shelves. The freezer compartment is a pull-out bin that can be up to a little less that a meter wide.


Some homeowners opt for a built-in refrigerator that presents a seamless look to the decor of the kitchen. These are side by side models and have a compressor at the top of the refrigerator instead of the bottom. This makes them both more shallow and taller than other types of refrigerators.

Space and Temperature

Ideally, the temperature in a refrigerator should be between 3 and 4 degrees C, and the fridge should only be about three quarters full to allow the cold air to circulate and keep everything decently cold. This is another thing to consider when planning to buy a fridge. If the homeowner needs the temperature of the refrigerator to be cooler, the temperature should be adjusted in the refrigerator section and not the freezer, since the cold air comes from the freezer.

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