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Choosing the right refrigerator for your home

Unlike before, there are a lot of new refrigerator models nowadays to choose from. Different brand manufacturers come up with new and useful features in different sizes and colors. If you are planning to replace your old fridge, it is recommended to consider the following tips to ensure a best buy.


First is to decide the size that you want to buy, remember that the larger the capacity, the more energy it will consume. You may use your present refrigerator as your reference to settle on the right size, consider how much storage you need, if you will need to buy a bigger size or just the same size with added features.

Second, the new one you’re eyeing to buy may or may not be fit its space on your kitchen, so measure the dimensions including the height, width and depth of the area you want to place it. Make sure to measure the door opening too.

Third, pick a color and finish that will go well your other kitchen appliances, opt for a more conventional one that will fit your style.

Fourth, the most common refrigerator in the market is the top-freezer, wherein the freezer compartment is on top and the refrigerator section on the bottom. Make up your mind if you want a two-door or the traditional single door.

Fifth, it is best recommended to choose an Energy Star qualified model to save you money on utility bills as it will consume less energy than nonrated models.

Lastly, choose a considered premium brand, popular refrigerator manufacturers makes high-end products.  It is best to visit showrooms to personally compare different features offered that you would probably need like icemakers, water dispenser, adjustable controls for crisper drawers, enclosed condenser coils, automatic defrosting functions and more .Do not forget verify on its warranty and availability of extended warranties as well.

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