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Luxury Tents: A Royal Experience for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are very popular today because it affords the occasion a luxurious setting amidst striking architecture, beautifully manicured gardens or a gorgeous beach sunset. This kind of event will require you to search for some luxury tent hire that will provide aesthetically designed shelter suitable for such grand occasions.

outdoor weddings

You can find different types of tents for open-lawn gardens which can create an amazingly classy look that doesn’t just serve as shelter but also adds beauty to the festivity. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose a style and décor of the tents you will use for your wedding. There are lovely-patterned tents which you can go for and you can also request the tent hire company to accentuate what would have been stark and plain looking tents.

In choosing tents for your big day, you have to consider the materials used to ensure that it is sturdy and will not give away in case there’s a slight to moderate drizzle. Tents are often built with weighted sides for this kind untoward event. High quality tents usually are also built with vinyl film with polyester on the inside of the body and have tension ratchets to hold the tent’s fabric down. Most tents used for these grand settings are pole supported, while frame tents are opted for smaller scale gatherings.

Check your list and consider how many guest you will be expecting to help you choose tent sizes for your event. Your wedding tents should be roomy with plenty of breathing space. It should be taller than the regular ones and if available, go for tent with transparent covers to provide natural light and interesting view. Do not hire tents for the exact number of guest you are expecting. Be sure to account for more so that your guest will not feel crowded and they can easily move around to socialize.

Stylish arrangements can easily be made for luxurious outdoor weddings with the use of these wedding tents. There are top pointed hut roofs which look very elegant and there are also monolithic tents which are covered on all sided and has a single opening.  Designer wedding tents can be as large as you desire with multiple poles to support the roof. These days, innovative tent designs combined with such creative interiors and exteriors gives an amazing set up for outdoor weddings. The latest available patterns, techniques and equipment for setting up wedding tents make them look both exotic and luxurious at the same time.

Photos courtesy of rajtentclub.com

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  1. Outdoor wedding rites is wonderful. Everyone could be the freshness of the surrounding of the environment especially when it is located in a spacious ground with plenty of trees around.

  2. Nice idea especially when it’s really sun and the sun’s heat is painful to skin and when it’s raining. I once thought that tents are only used for camping trips.

  3. I love outdoor weddings the most but ten weddings come close because full outdoor events can be difficult during rainy seasons 🙂

  4. What a unique way and safe from any bad weather to get married 🙂 I got married indoor in the garden of a hotel. I really like this idea 🙂

  5. These are lovely tents for any occasion. I kinda like the idea instead of renting a hotel hall.
    Sweet Home Keeping

  6. Elegant wedding reception. Majority of celebrities have this kind of outdoor wedding and the place looks fabulous.

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