Make Your Jewelry Habit Pay For You

It seems that every woman has their “thing”. The one thing that they just can’t get enough of, that receives donations from every wage slip. For some it’s shoes that get the pulse racing, or handbags that you’d walk barefoot to get. Then there are the accessories lovers, for whom jewelry is the crowning glory of any outfit.

If you look at any small business advice, then you will come across the idea that you should do something you love. If you’re passionate about it, then it’s going to come across in your work- or so the theory goes. Small, lifestyle businesses are an ideal way to increase your earnings and venture into a different world. The pleasure of doing something you enjoy every day is well worth the stress of getting them going.


So what if you are one of the women above? Jewelry is your passion, but can it ever be a reputable business option?

  1. Indie Designer

It’s the obvious option, but still one worth bringing up. A lot of girls experiment with jewelry making kits, sending beads across the floor and twisting metals into intricate ring shapes. It’s only natural to want to have a go at making something that you enjoy.

If it’s a passion as an adult, then there are more opportunities than ever before to make money from it. You have sites like Etsy that specialise in handcrafted pieces, or general auction sites where you can display your talents. You can also start small and see what the appetite is like; get going with a couple of pieces and then take it from there.

  1. Direct Selling and Drop Shipping

If you’re not creative but still want to immerse yourself in this world, then there’s a good option with retailing. You can buy products from around the globe and sell them on at a profit. It’s particularly ideal if you have got an eye for a trend and can seek things out that others will love. Consider this if your friends are always asking for tips.

It’s easier than you might expect to find pieces to sell. There’s a multitude of options online, from buying from artisans to collections like elf925 wholesale silver jewelry. When you’ve got your wares, do your numbers so you can resell for a proper- and boom, lifestyle business is born.

  1. Designer

There is a big difference between designing a piece of jewelry and actually making it. Perhaps you have ideas but not quite the creative talent to put them into practice. You can look at offering your services to smaller sellers – like the people in point one – who might wish to collaborate. You can also offer custom designs for items like engagement rings. People always want customised things now, and this puts you at the forefront of it.

The above ideas might not make you your fortune. They can be a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day it is you that’s going to put a love to use. If you like the idea of smiling at the idea of work, then it might just work for you.


Image by: TerabassOwn work, CC BY 3.0,

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