Why You Need The Right Pig Dog Hunting Equipment

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Pig dog hunting can be dangerous – if you don’t have the right equipment. But, with the right equipment, it can be an interesting past-time.

Among the collection of pig dog supplies is a wide range of pig hunting accessories that are vital for hunting feral pigs with maximum efficiency and dog safety. Chest plates and collars, for instance, allow for a fast and easy release when you’re traipsing through the woods and will also protect your pig dogs from infuriated pigs should a tussle occur.

What’s more, dog tracking GPS equipment can help you to track your all-important pig dogs during the time between dusk and dawn when the pigs come out to feed. First aid, stitching and skin stapling kits can help you to patch up your pig dogs until expert attention is on hand.

Importantly, pig dog supplies and equipment should be of the highest possible quality to ensure the utmost safety. Let’s take a closer look.

The Must-Have Pig Hunting Accessories

Collars should be right at the top of your must-have accessories list for pig dog hunting. The collars should be designed for field efficiency and complete durability. Leather collars are a good choice as they are usually trimmed easily for the dog’s comfort as well as flexible manoeuvre. You may also want to consider important and quality high visibility dog collars that are very handy for tracking and locating your pig dogs with your own sight. What’s more, swift release means you can release your pig dog at the right moment, just when the pig is within its reach. High visibility, tough, durable chest plates are important, too, and can give your pig dog all-out security from a pig’s tusks if they get into a battle with feral creatures. Adjustable chest plates, especially mean your pig dog has optimum protection no matter what breed it may be.

GPS Trackers and Pig Hunting Tracking Equipment

You probably already know that feral pigs come out to feed in the dark. That’s why a modern GPS tracking system is a must-have for today’s hunters. And, you want to find the best possible model you can afford. Whip and long range antennae are ideal for tracking pig dogs without negating flexibility during its chase. The practical covers and holsters on the market allow you to effortlessly carry your GPS equipment over the toughest of hunting terrains.

First Response Gear and First Aid Kits

You should never head off on a hunt without first aid kits. While an efficient kill is any hunter’s aim, enraged pigs are unpredictable and rather fearsome beasts, and there is always the chance of your dog suffering injury far away from an expert to help at the time. So, among your essential hunting items, make sure you have an easy to use and highly portable first aid kit, so you can carry out emergency procedures before you get your pig dog to a vet. Never head off without your emergency equipment.

Make sure you pack the things discussed above before you head on to your next hunting trip.


Photo by Fredrik Ohlander on Unsplash

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