No Budget, No Problem: How To Successfully Transform Your Home When Funds Are Tight

A happy home life is something that we all deserve, which is why making improvements to the property is a key item on every homeowner’s agenda. Completing those jobs can enhance our daily lives while they often have a positive impact on the value of our most valued assets. Sadly, though, a lack of capital is the major stumbling block that stops many people from turning their visions into a reality.

When funds are tight, it can be tempting to give up. There are ways to bypass those perceived problems, however. Here’s all you need to know.

Accessing Funds

Just because you don’t have cash at your disposal right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t access extra capital. Unsecured loans for homeowners allow you to gain funds for home upgrade plans without borrowing against the property. Better still, this option is open to those without perfect credit scores too.   

Of course, taking out a loan for luxury products and holidays is probably a bad idea. Nonetheless, improving the home is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run. Besides, ignoring necessary jobs could come back to haunt you.

Take The DIY Route

Make no mistake; some jobs are best left to the professional. Still, removing (or at least reducing) labour costs is the easiest way to cut the overall expense. In this age of online tutorials and affordable materials, there’s no excuse for ignoring this option.

Creating a new atmosphere through the use of stylish lighting is an easy job that brings a massive impact. On a similar note, a few coats of paint can transform the look of the walls and the vibe of the entire home. Meanwhile, simple decks and garden projects can be completed at a leisurely pace, which is great news for your budget and sanity.

Think Beyond Money

Adding value isn’t simply about increasing the potential sale price of the property. Sometimes, the best upgrades are the ones that actively improve your life. In many cases, simplicity is the answer.

Upcycling is a popular trend right now, not least because it saves money. There are many tasks, such as using old toys to improve a child’s bedroom, which will give your home that special glow. Meanwhile, repurposing organizational folders by using adhesive tape can add extra storage space. This can quickly create more room throughout the property. With a little creative thinking, great things can be achieved.

Put Safety First

It’s great to have the luxury entertainment items, but the property will never feel like home unless it is safe. Installing CCTV cameras is easy while advanced tech means that they are now cheaper than ever too. Frankly, they will instantly give you that peace of mind needed to enjoy home life to an even greater level.

Of course, childproofing the home is equally important. Meanwhile, you must be vigilant to leaks and damaged structural features. Let those necessities take priority over cosmetic jobs, and your capital will be used to far greater effect.

You’ll gain a better home without ruining your financial status. What more could any homeowner ask for?


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Focus On These Key Areas For A More Complete Home

Being comfortable and happy within the security of your own home is a vital thing which everyone needs. The truth is, when this is lacking, it can be really damaging to a person’s psychology. The home is not just where you go to relax. For most people, it is where their real living gets done. It is important, therefore, that it is as happy and comfortable a place as possible. Achieving this is no small feat, sure – but nor is it particularly challenging. With the right kind of attitude and approach, you can easily turn the key areas of your house into the kind of space you are happy to call a home.

If you have started to feel that your home is not complete somehow, then there are some common culprits which you might want to look at. The fact is, improving any of these key areas will make a huge difference to how you feel at home. And that, in turn, will dramatically affect how you feel about life. Don’t believe me? Read on and try out a few of these tips for yourself. I guarantee you will notice a difference in no time at all.



For most people, the bedroom is the ultimate place of relaxation and escape. With our hectic modern lives being the way they are, it is essential to have some space which you can call your own. The trick is to make this space one which is suitable to you as an individual. Of course, achieving that is easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible – far from it. To give your bedroom that much-needed boost, think about making comfort a priority. It goes without saying that a good place to start is with the bed. As long as you can make the bed as comfortable as possible, it is likely that the rest of the room will simply fall into place. Look for some Vispring mattress advice on what to put on your bed. If you choose right, it is likely that your bedroom will come alive in no time at all.



The majority of modern individuals tend to really enjoy spending time in the kitchen. It is, for many, a favourite part of the house. This goes some way to explaining why it is that the kitchen is the most valuable room in any house. It’s true – more value is added to the house after a kitchen renovation than just about anything else. To give your house a fuller sense of being home, it might be necessary for you to spend some time working on the kitchen. If yours is like most homes, you have probably let your kitchen get overrun with non-kitchen related things. It usually become cluttered with random belongings. This is no good; it is time to reclaim your kitchen for what it was meant for – cooking!


Finally, remember not to let the garden go to waste. It can be all too easy, particularly in the winter months, to allow it to be overrun. However, this only makes for a house which does not feel all that much like a home. For a renewed feeling of energy in your home, seriously consider spending some time getting a little green-fingered. You won’t regret it, particularly in the glorious summer months.


The Quick Guide to Putting an Addition on Your Home

When you buy your home, you might purchase it thinking that there is plenty of space. However, later you could change your mind, and yearn for more. If you want more living space in your home, there are several ways to get it. Some people choose to convert a previously unused area, such as an attic or basement. You can also add an extension to your home by either building out or up. If you want to build an extension, it can take a lot of planning. You have to ensure the space is suitable for you to use as a living space, and you want it to look great too. Plan your extension by following the steps below.

Decide How to Finance It

One of the biggest obstacles to extending your home is the cost. You don’t want to get halfway through the project and discover that your funds have run out. Carefully budgeting your extension and ensuring you have the funds for it is essential. You might have some savings that you’re planning to use. If not, you could have a plan to sell some things or use another source of income to save up. Another option is to take out alone, which you can do using your home as security. Many people find secured homeowner loans useful when they want to make changes to their property. They can borrow the money against their house and pay it back in installments.

home addition

Have Plans Drawn

If you have the money to complete your project, you need to decide what you’re going to do. Someone needs to draw up plans for you, which will be an architect or a builder. First, you need to know where you want to put your property addition. You might decide to add a storey to your home. Other options including building onto the side or back of your house. You also have to think about the purpose of the room and what it needs. For example, you will want electricity, and possibly plumbing and heating too.

Get Permission

Before you do any building, you need to know that you’re allowed to. You may or may not need to ask your local authority for permission to build your extension. In some places, you can do it without requiring a special license or permit. However, sometimes you will need to have approval. There is also the possibility of something on your deed saying that you can’t make certain changes.

Design the Interior

You should also know what you want to do with the interior of your new space. The fundamental aspects such as electricity are important. But don’t forget to think about appearance too. If you are designing the space for a specific purpose, you might have some ideas about what you want to do. It’s your chance to create the perfect space from scratch, whether it’s a bedroom or a workshop.

Planning an addition to your property could transform your home. You will have more living space and increase the value of your property.


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5 Quick Home Fixes That Will Improve Your Life

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By Ian Poellet (User:Werewombat) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Everybody deserves to live in a home that makes them smile. A great property can form the foundation of a happy lifestyle, and you should always be keen to find ways of improving yours.

Here are five fantastic options for the modern homeowner to embrace. They won’t blow a massive hole in your budget, but they will make a vast improvement to your life. What are you waiting for?

Improve Security

If nothing else, the modern household should make its occupants feel safe. If yours doesn’t currently fulfil this requirement, it’s time to upgrade your security measures.

Protecting the property won’t only keep your assets and family safe, but it will also help you relax around the home. If that’s not an incentive to make those necessary upgrades, I don’t know what is.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Softside Waterbed Inside.JPG
By Photographed by Robert Paprstein – Own work, Public Domain,


The average person should be spending eight hours of each night sleeping. However, it’s not only the quantity of rest you get that matters. It’s equally imperative that you gain the desired quality of sleep too.

One of the best ways to do this is through a waterbed as it can support your body in an even fashion. View Boyd Waterbeds here for more information on the clear benefits that this option can bring, and you’ll soon be sleeping like a baby. In turn, that will bring improvements to your entire waking day too.

Eat Healthier

We all have a responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet is integral to achieving that goal. One of the best decisions you could ever make is to start cooking from scratch. In today’s fast-paced environment, time is of the essence.

Investing in a George Foreman grill won’t only produce healthier food, but it will also save valuable time. Similarly, a slow cooker can claw back valuable hours without sacrificing the quality of your food. In most cases, taking this route will actively reduce food bills too.

Promote Increased Activity

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A great diet is pretty redundant without an active lifestyle. Hitting the gym is expensive and annoying. The far better option is to introduce some home gym equipment to your household. Set aside a space for exercise or buy a yoga mat to encourage increased activity, and you’ll soon see improvements to your life.

You could also utilise the garden as a great place for regular exercise. Trampolines and garden games are a great option for the whole family. Alternatively, you could buy cones here and set yourself a training regime in the garden.

Fix Faults

As a homeowner, you want to enjoy your property. However, this becomes very difficult when your free time is dedicated to household chores. These tasks can become even more tedious when appliances don’t work. Getting them repaired immediately is a must.

Repair is cheaper than a replacement and is also better for the environment. It also saves you the hassle of arranging a collection for the broken items. As long as those appliances are back to full health, you should save yourself bags of time over the weeks and months. That’s got to be considered a huge improvement.


Top Tips To Improve Your Home On A Budget

Painter paints a room arp.jpg
Painter paints a room arp” by Adrian Pingstone (Arpingstone) – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.


With the New Year fast approaching, homeowners across the land will be thinking about how they can upgrade their properties in 2016. After all, building a happy environment for the family to grow is one of the most important challenges that anybody ever faces.

However, the expense of Christmas will probably take its toll over the coming months. Funds could be tight. That doesn’t mean that you should put your home improvement dreams on hold, but you should be very conscious of the money being spent.

The secret is to find ways of improving the home without blowing your budget unnecessarily. Here are some top tips to help you do just that.

Paint The Walls

Colour plays an integral role in building a room’s atmosphere. It’s central to creating a theme and is the first element that anybody will ever notice. One of the best ways to revamp your home is to get painting.

Adding a few coats can instantly brighten up the home. Better still, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do while it’s also a relatively quick job to complete too. Just be sure that the walls have been prepped well.

You can also add a little extra character to the room by painting three walls in a base colour and then creating one feature wall. If painting it another colour isn’t working, you could always use patterned wallpaper to complete the look.

Go Flatpack

Wardrobes, tables and other furniture are fundamental parts of the home. You deserve style and luxury. On the other hand, you won’t want this aspect to blow your budget. The obvious option is to get the best of both worlds by buying flatpack.

OK, so you might have to spend a couple of hours putting things together. But you’ll be making a huge saving in return. When you’re finished, you’ll be left with stunning results too. Do be warned, though, you should equip yourself with a decent tool kit. Hot melt glue guns and glue sticks are my secret weapon. After all, you want those products to last.

Besides, those tools can be used to fix the inevitable faults that will surface around the home over the coming years.


L Küche 2015.jpg
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Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 at via Commons.

Convert Spare Room

How often have you wished for a bigger property? Well, I’ve got news for you. You could easily make it feel that way by utilising the space you have. And transforming the guest room into something more productive is the best way to do it.

Here’s what I would do with a spare room, but you may have ideas of your own. Either way, it has to be better than leaving it in its current dormant state. Seriously, how often do the in-laws stay over anyway?

Fix Simple Faults

As already mentioned, problems will always occur around the property. That’s just part and parcel of modern life. Whether it’s a broken appliance or something entirely different, acting quickly is vital. Leaving the issue will only exasperate matters further. Besides, it’s stopping you from enjoying the property too.

Meanwhile, simple upgrades can often bring the change. Increasing the water pressure of your shower, for example, can improve your daily rituals. Those little luxuries in life can go a very long way. Don’t underestimate their importance.

It’s also important to solve issues that could be harming the property itself. Always look for signs of damp and similar faults. If you do come across them, find a quick solution.

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Get Outside

The garden is a wonderful place for families to inject an extra sense of luxury and fun to the home. If yours has been left undervalued, now is the time to change it.

This is all about tailoring the space to your needs. The possibilities are endless. However, building a deck will instantly transform it into a more sociable area. You should also use trampolines and garden games to keep children entertained.

Invest in a decent BBQ set too, and you’ll be far more inclined to use the space more regularly.

Go Green

If money is of the essence, then you should be keen to make savings wherever possible. Why not make upgrades that will actively save money over time.

Energy-saving toilets and friendly light bulbs can make a vast improvement. Combine this with smarter decisions on energy rates and common bills to guarantee a better home life. As well as saving some money, you’ll be improving your local environment.

Many of these changes can promote better health too. What more incentive could you need?