Home Improvements That Should be Left to Professionals

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Completing projects around the house likely provides you with a personal sense of accomplishment. In addition to feeling as though you have reached a goal, you’re also likely intrigued by the prospect of saving money. Despite these benefits, tackling some home projects by yourself can leave you with a mess, and other ones are dangerous.

Electrical Issues

Trying to handle electrical problems without the help of a professional could cause a deadly electric shock. Even if you don’t injure yourself in the process, you might cause problems that could lead to fires later on. Improper wiring methods could cause problems down the road. You may also end up violating the National Electric Code if you attempt to take on these projects by yourself.

Plumbing Problems

You might think that taking out the plunger every time the toilet clogs will take care of the issues. However, if you notice yourself constantly plunging the bowl or unclogging your sink with baking soda and vinegar, a larger problem might exist. Working on the plumbing without background in the field could lead to a burst pipe or a bathroom that you can’t use.


After you get some quotes, you may discover that roofing is not as expensive as you once thought. Even if the price is higher than you wanted to pay, think about the greater assurance of safety you’re getting by hiring a team to complete this work. Instead of going up on a ladder to the roof and risking your safety, you can put your mind at ease by choosing a new roof from qualified professionals.

Central Air Conditioning

The thought of cold temperatures whirling through the house on a hot and humid day is probably intriguing. You may be so eager for this luxury that you attempt to install central air conditioning without assistance. Doing so could lead to a home environment that is more unappealing than it is comfortable.


While you want cooler temperatures during the warmer months, you want to avoid them when the temperatures start to dip. To ensure that the heating is installed properly and does not pose a hazard to your loved ones, let the professionals fit your radiators or towel warmers.

Oven and Stove Repairs

From knowing how to properly turn off the gas to actually investigating the problem, issues with your oven and stove are best left to the experts. You also don’t want to waste all of that time having to buy all of your meals out. Check your warranty on the appliances, and you might not have to pay to get them repaired at all.

Lighting Fixtures

Putting in a light bulb by yourself is generally an easy task, but if you’re looking to install some new lights into the ceiling, you should work with a professional. You want to make sure that the wiring is done properly and that you don’t injure yourself in the process.

Hardwood Floors

Whether you are installing new floors or you want to refinish the old ones, you’re making a serious investment into your property if the floors are done correctly. People often look to purchase homes with wood floors, so this improvement could help you to have a quicker sale at a better price in the future. If you’re interested in the longevity of the floors and their potential to make you some work, spend a little more now to have them done correctly.

Tree Removal

Loose branches can pose a serious danger, and it’s no surprise that you would want to take care of them right away. Still though, it is easy to seriously underestimate the crushing weight of a limb. While you are having branches removed, you may want to look into the cost to entirely remove the tree. Doing so can prove to be a wise decision if the tree is in serious decay. A tree in that condition can pose more of a hazard than anything else.

Improving your home helps to make it a more desirable place to live, and doing so can assist you in selling the property at a later time. When it comes to certain projects, make sure you take the time to research and hire trained professionals.

5 Ways To Afford The Home Improvement You Need

Your home never stays still. Whether it’s time start heavy maintenance works, such as changing the roof, or whether you need to babyproof your property, every home needs home improvement. The problem with home improvement is that while it’s a great way to increase the value of your property, it can be quite tricky to find the necessary funding. In fact, unless you’re an avid DIY-er with a keen eye for home projects, it’s best to always pay for professional work. There are 5 easy ways to pay for home improvement.

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1. Use your savings

If you have the cash to hand, the best thing you could do is to invest it in your home. With the right improvements, you can increase the value of your property exponentially. According to momentum.co.za, investing regularly means that you can afford the lifestyle you want, from home extension to care-free retirement. Using a tailored saving portfolio also means that you can plan your budget, increase your interest return and have access to cash when and where you need it. So if the improvement you’re planning is not urgent, why not save for it first?

2. Use your home

If you’re planning on heavy home improvements, it might be worth checking with homeequitylineof.credit if you can borrow against the owned value of your property. However, there is no guarantee that the funds will come at the same rate than your mortgage, so you need to check the conditions and the time period too carefully.

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3. Get a personal loan

If you’re planning major improvements – we’re talking a loft conversion or home extension –, then it’s likely that you will be spending at least 1/10th of your home value. Consequently, a personal loan might just be the way to do it. However, you need to research the different loan options carefully, and especially to calculate your repayment period if you’ve got other loans to repay too. For instance, some low APR loans need to be repaid quickly, which can be difficult for some families.

4. Put it on a 0% purchase credit card

Some credit cards, such as the American Express Platinum card, offer a 0% interest period for up to 18 months before introducing a representative APR. For small to medium improvement works, you can use the credit card and gradually clear the cost during the 0% period. Besides, paying with a credit card means that you can claim the money back from your card provider in case of problems, such as faulty work for instance.  

5. Pick interest-free purchases with cashback value

If you’re keen to clear your credit card debt as soon as possible, you might want to be looking for a card that offers an introductory 0% interest period and an advantageous cashback on all purchases. In other words, you can spread the cost of your home improvement, and you can also get money back on it. It’s a win-win for small projects!

From using your savings to borrowing, via letting the house raise money for its own improvements, there are many ways to make your home a better place. But all home improvements start in the same way: Planning and budgeting first, only then can you decide on how to raise funds.


Conversion Versus Extension: What’s Better?

People do grow extremely attached to their homes. They may be just brick and mortar (or concrete, but you get the drift), but the memories made within them seem to take on a life of their own. And that means that even when they are no longer suitable, it can be hard to leave them and go elsewhere.

Which is when the idea of an extension or a conversion pops up. If the reason you might have considered moving house was for space, then surely adding more space to your existing house solves the problem? Well, it can do. But how are you going to add that space? Will it be an extension or a conversion?

The Extension

Having an extension can add up to 20 percent onto the value of your home, and in these modern times that can be a good few thousand pounds. But we know it’s not all about selling on and making a profit. An extension can also be a fantastic way of gaining more space by utilising your garden area. Take some of the patio or lawn that you no longer want or need and create an entirely new room on the back or side of your house. What could be better?

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There are problems associated with extensions, however. The first is planning permission. Unless you have an architect and designer such as Mitchell Wall, you could be in trouble with the council when it comes to your extension. An architect will be able to liaise with the planning department on your behalf, and your planning permission should come through much more quickly. But it can still take many months, and in the meantime the cost of your materials and labour could be increasing.

The Conversion

A loft or garage conversion won’t add as much value to your home, but neither will they cost as much as a full extension. Plus, they won’t (necessarily) need any planning permission, making them much easier to get started on. They are a handy way to add more space without taking away from your garden too. Instead, they change the use of a previous interior area and make it part of the house. The loft can often be turned into a bedroom, for example. And the garage could become a study, playroom, or even dining room.

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The disadvantages of a simple conversion, however, can outweigh the good points. A conversion may not last as long as an extension since a loft space or garage was never meant for habitation. If you do want the conversion to last for many years to come, you may have to invest in additional exterior building works – and this can be pricey. And of course, once you are working on the exterior of a building, you could fall foul of local planning laws without even realising it.


So what’s better? The conversion or the extension? If your budget can cover it – and your garden can incorporate it – then the extension could well be the optimum solution. If the idea of losing your little patch of green dismays you, perhaps a conversion is better. Speak to an expert and you will soon know what’s best for you.

3 Ways To Spruce Up The Doors In Your Home

The doors in your home add functionality, privacy and style to every room. Whether they are modern or traditional, they are an integral feature in your home. But unfortunately, they often get forgotten about and overlooked during redecorations. If your door does fit in or complement your new colour scheme and decor, it’s not going to look as good as you had hoped. So to give your newly decorated room a more finished look, you need to make the effort to spruce up your door. Take a look at these three suggestions to see just how easy it is to transform your doorways.


Clean and paint

Doors are often a place many of us forget to clean, and this can make them look drab and dirty. So before you do anything else, clean your doors. You can do this using soapy water and a sponge. Pay close attention to stains, fingerprints and scuff marks. Once the door is cleaned, check the condition of the paint. A lick of paint can make it look good as new and takes little time to complete. Choose a colour that suits your colour palette on both sides of the door. Then grab your brush and get painting. Anyone can do this upgrade, and it’s the perfect excuse to be bold with your colour choice.

Replace the glass

If you have glass within your doors that are cracked or broken, now is the time to change them. Replacing the glass is cheaper option than replacing the entire door while adding more light and colour. You could choose an elaborate stained glass design, which will add more colour to your room. Or you may prefer a simple frosted glass design if the door leads to a bathroom or bedroom. You can even have thicker glass installed as an extra safety feature to your home. This work should always be carried out by a professional to reduce the risk of accidents. Visit glass replacement specialists websites such as http://www.sheerwaterglass.co.uk/ for more information.

Door handle

Change the handles

Door handles are obviously used to gain access. But they can also add interest and style onto the door itself. So if you don’t want to replace the door entirely, a new door handle can be simple and cost-effective solution. There are countless options to choose from, including coloured glass, metals, and tiled handles. So consider the feel you’ve already created within the room first before buying a new handle for the door. You can find a number of door handles from online retailers such as http://georgehill-timber.co.uk/. Or if you want something more unique, head to local antique and vintage fairs. You might also want to consider changing the rest of the doors hardware such as the hinges and screws. This will ensure every aspect of the door is more in keeping with your design.

Hopefully, these easy methods will have given you some much-needed ideas and inspiration. Not only will they look better, but they will also change the atmosphere within your rooms making them feel more coherent. So which ever method you decide to use, get your door transformation started today.


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Budget or Blowout? Ways You Can Get Your Home Ready To Sell


If you’re getting your home ready to sell, you may have a budget you need to stick too. Or, you maybe planning a blowout, in the hope you make a significant return on your efforts. Either way, there are a number of things you can do to ready your house, whatever your financial situation. Read on for some ideas…

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Blowout? Balcony!

It is never cheap to add a balcony to a property. After all, a number of strict safety measures must be adhered to. This means that you will need to invest in the right materials, workmanship and execution. All of this costs money, of course. However, adding a balcony to your property makes a lot of sense. Yes, it will add value. But potentially even more importantly, it may make your house sell faster. Why? Because it may be the thing that makes your house stand out above the rest? The only thing better than a balcony on a house is a balcony with a beautiful view. So consider this when it comes to deciding where on your house you will fix yours. www.joysflair.com/2016/05/quick-guide-putting-addition-home/ can help with projects that involved making additions to your home.


Budget? Deep Clean!

If you’re planning to sell your home but don’t have a large budget to work with, use what you do have on a thorough and deep clean. It has a number of benefits. If you have pets, cleaning items like your sofas and rugs will help remove animals smells. They may be normal to you, but they could be very off-putting to viewers who don’t have them. Cleaning windows lets in a lot more light, so you’re also doing the property justice in that respect. Also, a clean home gives the impression of a home that has been nurtured and well-cared for. Both of these are big things that potential buyers will be on the lookout for when it does come time for viewings.

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Blowout? Total Renovation!

One of the single best ways to ready your house for sale is a renovation. This could be a renovate of just one or two rooms, or of the whole property. It is a fantastic way to make the place more modern if you haven’t updated it in a few years. You can use it as an opportunity to better match the needs of your most likely house buyers. Like adding a balcony, it will cost you. However, the chance you will make this back financially in the final sale are high. And, once again, a newly renovated home is very appealing to buyers. It makes the place look brand new and it saves buyers a huge job when they move in themselves! Research renovation companies like www.TheRenovationCompany.com.au if this is an option you want to explore further.

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Budget? New Furnishings

Wanting to only spend a little? Then just update some of your furnishings. A few new cushions covers and curtain ties won’t cost you much. Or get crafty; www.homesandhues.com/10-Pieces-of-Furniture-You-Can-Easily-Build-Yourself/ has some great ideas!

Mirage Alive Red Oak Terra [Lounge]


Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t love it so much you can’t bear to sell after all!


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