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Time To Renovate That Space Into A Fun Family Room

A lot of us have space in our home that can be put to better use. You may have a spare bedroom that is full of clutter. Or maybe your basement is the scary, dark place nobody wants to explore. Lofts and attics are also frequently underused. And garages can be so full of old junk that we have no idea just how spacious and practical they can be. All that can change with a purposeful renovation. You too can create an incredibly useful room out of your extra space. So why not give it a go? Here’s how:


The first thing you need to do is clear out the space completely. You may need to hire a skip, or make several journeys to a recycling center. But once it is done, you can accurately measure up the space you have. Now you can start planning what you want to do with the space. Can it be immediately repurposed, or does it need a major renovation? If in doubt, ask a local builder or architect to give you a few ideas.

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If you’re ready to repurpose your room, it may need a deep clean before you decorate it. Even if you need to do some conversion work, it’s worth getting a head start on things. Once the work is complete, chances are you’ll need to dust it down again before you can decorate. Make sure all the surfaces are prepared ready for the paint roller.

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Choosing your decor is a lot of fun. As this will be a family room, perhaps the kids can pick the colors? Bright, vibrant colors are often best. It helps give the room energy. If this is a games room, that could be ideal! You’ll also need to pick some furniture that will fit in the space well. Perhaps you’re after some eclectic pieces to add character and personality to the room. It doesn’t need to a minimalist style, but try to keep the clutter down now you’ve got the room back. Install a couple of cupboards to keep everything tidy.

Family Room Accent Wall - Faux Finishes - Bella Faux Finishes - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Light And Air

Your new room will need to have plenty of light and fresh air to be a safe and practical family space. As it is not a bedroom, there are very few regulations to follow. However, when your kids are involved, you need to know everyone is safe. Make sure the windows can be opened each day so fresh air can get in and stale air goes out. Maximize the natural light with blinds or drapes. Install good quality lamps and lighting so that there are no dark corners.


This room may have a sofa or chairs, but why not add a games table? Playing table tennis or pool can be more enjoyable than a console games system. Instead of a TV, why not put an old jukebox in there? Perhaps you all enjoy art or drawing? A couple of easels could inspire you all to take up painting.

A fun family room can be a large space or a small corner of your house that is just for you. It doesn’t need to be the most stylish room in the house. So long as it’s practical and fun, it can be perfect.

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