Tips For Buying A Quad Bike For Your Kids

Tips For Buying A Quad Bike For Your Kids

If you are an avid quad bike rider and you would like to introduce the hobby to your child, this article will help you to choose the most suitable quad that your child can use to learn the basics of quad riding. The ideal age to start riding a quad would be about 12 years, as the child would have adequate cognitive ability and strength to control a small quad bike, and here are a few tips to ensure that you acquire a suitable machine.

Start With A Used Quad

It is advisable to buy a second-hand machine to begin with, at least until your child becomes a competent rider, and let’s not forget that your child is growing, therefore they might have to upgrade after a couple of years to a larger bike. 

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Choosing A Size

If you are tempted to buy a larger bike in the hope that your child will grow into it, this is most definitely not advisable, as a child that cannot reach the foot pedals does not have full control of the machine. As a guide, the child should be able to put their feet on the foot pegs while seated on the bike, so always check that your child is able to reach all the controls.

Low Power Unit

The more powerful the quad, the more dangerous it can be, and for a child, start with a bike that has a 49cc engine, which is enough power for a child. As they become more skilled, you can upgrade to a 250cc model and upgrade parts for Yamaha quad bike, for example, when you think the time is right, and anything bigger than 250cc would be too powerful, and could be the cause of an accident. 

Invest In Lessons

If you ride a quad, then you can teach your child the safety basics, otherwise book them in for a kid’s quad riding course, which will teach them how to control the bike. Any established quad dealer would be able to arrange lessons for your child, and then they can gain valuable hands-on experience when out with you. It doesn’t take long for a child to master the art of quad riding, and you should make sure they fully respect the bike and the power it produces.

If you search online for a local quad bike dealer, you can take your child to view machines, and when you find the right bike, you can both enjoy the amazing British countryside. It is worth noting that your child cannot ride the bike on public roads, at least not until they have passed their driving test, which would be something for the future. There are many quad venues where you can take your son or daughter to gain valuable hands-on experience, and they can be located with a Google search.

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  1. Wow nice naman po neto. Para nga pong magandang hobby sya not only for kids but also kids at heart.? But of course we need to teach our kids the safety basicson riding a quad bike. And the ideal age to ride this po pala is 12 years old sa kids po. Nice naman po eto. ?

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