Things to be aware of when moving your wedding due to COVID-19

Things to be aware of when moving your wedding due to COVID-19
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Wedding is an important and cherished moment that couples across the country have excitedly been looking forward to. 

The effects of COVID-19 extend much further than lockdown. Even though the restrictions are slowly being eased and life is slowly beginning to creep back to norm (with a few differences). The effect of this global pandemic will alter the way that we celebrate weddings for many years to come. 

Although the last thing you want to do is postpone your wedding, moving your wedding might be a recommended activity and one to ensure that all guests can celebrate your wedding to the fullest. 

moving your wedding

If you are making the dreaded decision of postponing and moving your wedding during COVID19, we can help. We have put together some staple facts to be aware of before moving your wedding. 

Inform guests 

When moving wedding due to COVID-19, there is much information and negotiation to consider, that the key fact of informing guests often goes forgotten. Instead of leaving it until the last moment to inform guests of this change of plan, tell them early on. 

If you know the new date that you intend to change the wedding to, consider updating them on the new date, giving them ample of time to update their plans and start planning transport and accommodation if they are required. 

Will suppliers be available? 

One key fact and one that you need to consider early on when considering postponing your wedding, and that is will your chosen suppliers still be available for your new proposed date? Chances are, your suppliers whether live wedding bands or caterers will have already been booked to work on another wedding or event. With other couples also postponing their wedding, finding out early if your suppliers are free can ensure that there are no nasty surprises the closer to your new date you approach. Many couples may consider re-evaluating their wedding entertainment ideas to minimise disappointment for their big day. 

If you do find that your original suppliers are now unavailable for your new wedding date, by discovering early on, you have plenty of time to rearrange and find another supplier that you equally love. Making the best out of a bad situation. 

Change in season 

When delaying and postponing your wedding until after the COVID-19 outbreak calms and settles, you may find yourself hosting your wedding in another season. Instead of a spring or summer wedding, you may find yourself planning a winter wedding. Another top tip for moving your wedding due to COVID-19 and that is to do your research and consider the different elements of your wedding that you will need to change due to the shift in season. 

Outdoor weddings and receptions spent underneath the starry skies are now ruled out. Instead, warm fire lit rooms decorated with rich winter flowers can add some festive winter vibes to your dream wedding. The flowers that you wish for your wedding will also need to be re-evaluated. With flowers out of season, many couples will need to go back to the drawing room to make sure that they can host a wedding that they look back on with fond memories. 

Discover your rights 

One of the first things you should do when moving your wedding due to COVID-19 and that is to take the time to discover your rights. If you have decided to move the date of your wedding to a more appropriate time where you can celebrate your union to the fullest, reading the small print and discovering your rights is recommended. If you are allowed to host your wedding, yet you are choosing to move it, are you able to reschedule your venue, or receive a refund? Finding out these crucial information can help to create an action plan of how you intend to move forward. Consider reviewing your wedding insurance policy to discover what you will and won’t be covered for. 


When it comes to moving wedding due to COVID-19 there are a number of crucial factors that need to be considered. From the need to inform the guests of the change of date, finding new suppliers for your new date for your wedding may also be required. 

While moving the date of your wedding will not be an enjoyable or stress free experience, by reviewing the small print and discovering your rights, you can have a better understanding of whether you will receive a refund, or anything at all. You never know, you might enjoy a winter wedding! 

Have you had to change your wedding date and postpone your celebration due to COVID-19? We would love to hear from you and discover your experience of moving your wedding. Comment below and share your experience today. 

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