Why Your Workers Need High Visibility Clothing

high visibility clothing

If you run a construction company, or any industry that requires people on the ground, you should already understand the importance of high visibility clothing, and if not, then this article was written with you in mind. Having the ability to see everything around you is critical, and that includes people, who have a habit of moving, and without the right clothing, a machine operator might not be aware of their presence, and that’s when accidents occur. If you have never considered this, here are just a few reasons why you should invest in high visibility clothing for your team.

Be Seen

When a person is working, they do not need the added pressure of wondering if a lorry driver can see them while they are negotiating a pallet or two, and the whole point of high visibility reflective jackets is to make others aware of your presence. These innovative garments are designed with safety in mind, and as the reflective strips do their job at all times, everyone can see everyone else.

Incorrect Usage

Some workers prefer to remove the high visibility garments during the hot weather, and this is when an accident is more likely to occur. The outer garments are specifically designed not to trap heat, and while you might fancy a suntan in the summer, it just isn’t worth the risk of removing your safety clothing. If you would like some further reading on why reflective clothing is essential in the workplace, there is an informative article on various blogs that highlights the need for wearing high visibility clothing.

Machine Operators  

Anyone that drives or operates heavy machinery should always be visible, especially when climbing on or off the vehicle. Working with or around vehicles puts a person at risk, and if your workers do not have this type of reflective clothing or the appropriate gloves from a website like Unigloves, then they are not as safe as they could be, it’s as simple as that.

Online Solutions 

You might be wondering where you can purchase high visibility clothing, and the answer is from an online supplier who would have a wide range of specially formulated garments that are designed for high visibility in the workplace.

Location of Reflective Surfaces 

It isn’t just a question of having a few strips on a jacket, as the actual location of the reflective areas do make a difference. If a worker is standing sideways on, it could be that he is not really visible – if the strips are badly placed. There should be at least one reflective band that circumvents the body, and with the right colours, this will ensure a high level of visibility.

The importance of wearing reflective clothing cannot be over emphasized, and if your workers do not wear this type of clothing, then this needs to change. For what it costs to have all of your employees kitted out, this will go a long way towards preventing a work related accident, and as an employer, it is your duty to provide a safe working environment for everyone.

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