4 Reasons you Should Consider Getting a General Studies Degree

Whether you haven’t been in a classroom environment for a while, you’re a working parent trying to pursue a higher education, or you’re a high school graduate looking for direction, getting a general studies degree can be a great idea. But a lot of people may still not understand the benefits of getting one and what they can expect to get out of them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why getting a general studies degree might be the best choice for you.

general studies degree

Offers More Flexibility

What separates a general studies degree from other programs is that you’ll have more control over your elective and core classes. This means that you can choose any subject you like and build a program that fits your abilities. And since this major is interdisciplinary, you’ll have the chance to attend classes in different departments.

Great Option for Undecided Students

Finding out that you aren’t cut out for a program can be frustrating and costly. Too many students end up burning out in a program they know isn’t for them because of financial or parental pressure. But starting with a general studies program will allow you to test the waters and see where you’re doing the best and which classes tickle your interest the most.

Better Advancement Opportunities

In some cases, getting a college degree is essential if you want to advance. However, sometimes this college degree doesn’t have to be in one specific area. General studies is like the swiss army knife of college degrees, and will allow you to qualify for a wide variety of positions. It’s also a good choice for military students, as some of the elective credits from military training don’t apply to more specific degrees.

If you want to learn about the positions open to people with a general studies degree, you should consider looking at the information for the Touro general studies degree online. With a qualification in hand, you will be able to seek positions in sectors like marketing, non-profit and human services, government, or even law enforcement. A general studies degree will not only allow you to attend a wide variety of classes, but will also help you improve soft skills like communication and public speaking, as well as critical thinking.

Graduate Faster

In some cases, time is the major issue that blocks people from getting a college degree. But with a general studies degree, you can graduate much faster than with other programs. Since you can pick electives from any field you want, you don’t have to sit for a whole semester for a particular course to be offered. You can simply take another pick if you don’t want to wait.

General studies is also a great option for people with lots of transfer credits. You’ll be able to create a program crafted around these credits so you’ll be able to maximize the work you’ve done already.


As you can see, getting a general studies degree can be a great option depending on your situation. It is a great versatile program that will give you access to different career paths and allow you to take advantage of your strengths and interests.

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