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6 Strategies to Raising Confident Children

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Raising Confident Children

If you want to make sure your child’s future is both happy and secure, you must focus on raising competent, confident kids. The more self-assurance a child possesses, the more likely he or she will tackle challenging tasks, believe in their own ability, and follow their dreams.

Of course, your parenting style might potentially influence their self-esteem. So, if you want to ensure your child is happy and successful both as a child and adult, read the following six strategies to raising happy children.

1. Coach Your Child

Many parents feel an urge to rescue their child when they are having trouble with a problem, or to simply do the job themselves rather than allowing their son or daughter to tackle a task for themselves. By doing so, you might potentially rob your child of a new skill or a sense of achievement, which will prevent them from building their confidence. So, stop taking control and start coaching your kids to develop their skills.

2. Choose the Right School

The school you choose for your child cannot only determine their knowledge and qualifications, but it can also influence their self-confidence. It is therefore important to do your homework when selecting an educational establishment for your child. Look for a school that is not only equipped with passionate teachers, but that understands every stage of a child’s development, such as Downsend School.

3. Don’t Focus on Perfection

There is no such thing as perfect, so you should stop encouraging your child to focus on it, or they’ll never live up to yours or their own high expectations. You must resist the temptation to improve on your son or daughter’s task, which will only undermine their self-confidence and thwart the learning process. 

4. Tackle Manageable Tasks

Tackling manageable tasks will slowly but surely build your child’s confidence, as they’ll learn something new after each challenge they complete. As a result, that once complex task might not appear so complex after all. All you need to do is demonstrate how to do something first and allow them to tackle it for themselves. By finishing the tasks, they’ll realize they can do anything they set their mind on completing.

5. Encourage Your Kids

Everyone needs a little support and encouragement, and children will look to their parents for motivation and positivity. If you believe in your son or daughter’s ability, they will start to believe in themselves. So, tell your kids to “try again” should they fail, and repeat the mantra “practice makes progress.” It can stop them from becoming their worst critic, and they’ll be more likely to use their failure to fuel their success.

6. Focus on Efforts

Rather than focusing on your child’s results, such as increasing their intelligence, you must start focusing on their efforts. Place more emphasis on hard work and perseverance, so your child will understand the importance or retrying, practicing, and improving. As a result, they’ll learn along the way, so the results you seek will naturally follow.

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