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Awesome Tips For High-Rise Apartment Personalization

There’s a lot to love about living in a high-rise apartment. For the most part, they are safe and secure, and then there are the magnificent views you can expect from every window.

However, one of the biggest problems with most high-rises is that all the apartments appear to be cut from the same cloth. Unless you have the penthouse at the very top, this can lead to some severe limitations with what you can do to the place.

So, I thought I would come up with some ideas for you to stamp your personality onto your pad. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do.

Sunrise on Key Brickell Drive
Image credit: Danny Fowler – https://flic.kr/p/qVfs97

Sound design

First of all, don’t forget that personal also means privacy – which can be an issue when you are surrounded by neighbors, top, bottom, and side. So, think about adding some essential improvements to the acoustics of your apartment. Cork boards on the walls and floors can work a treat – not just to dull the noise coming in, but also to muffle the sounds going out.


Next up, safety should be an enormous concern when you are living so high up. Your windows should be as safe as possible already, but keep your eye open for any chips or cracks. Get them fixed or replaced as soon as possible – you never know when things could get worse. Also, think about getting UV protection film on your windows. When you are so high up, the sun can beat down hard, and those UVs are quite happy to travel through glass.

Pick a feature view

Whereas homes can rely on things like fireplaces and mantelpieces for features,  you won’t have that pleasure. But you do have one thing they don’t – an impressive view – or maybe more. So, if you live in a block of high-rise, luxury rental apartments, pick your favorite view. Use it as a center point for your decor, and you will impress any guest that walks through your doors.

Enjoy the view
Image credit: Col Ford and Natasha de Vere – https://flic.kr/p/8V5VRj

Keep it simple

If you are using an excellent view as your backdrop, you won’t have to overdo the decor in your apartment. Keep shelving units as clear as possible, and only use the best accessories for display. You’ll need to be clever about storage solutions, too. It’s all about maximizing your space and keeping the living space as clear as possible.

Think about your character

What do you like doing in your apartment? If you are a sociable soul, then invest in a great dinner table for evening parties. However, if you love relaxing to your favorite movies, think about concentrating on a great TV and comfortable sofa. You will need to make a choice early on in proceedings, as you can’t expect to fit the contents of a whole home in an apartment. But, if you can work out what you want, it should be easy – and inexpensive – to deck out in a nice way.

I hope this simple guide to high rise apartment living gives you a few clues to what you can do to make your living space a lot more personal. Feel free to let everyone know if you have any more tips!

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