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Call Answering

If you look at the traditional office set up, you will invariably see the receptionist, who is basically the front line for all incoming calls, as well as attending to visitors, and while she might do an admirable job, her salary would reflect that. Then, there are the social security responsibilities of the employer, and let’s not forget taxation, as is when you directly employ someone, and when you look at the goal – which is to have all calls answered promptly and professionally – a telephone answering service seems to tick all the boxes.

Virtual Location

The term “virtual” is not referring to the receptionist, who is as real as you or I, but rather to their geographical location, which would typically be at a call centre run by the provider. Of course, the caller would be totally unaware of that, in fact, they would assume your receptionist answered, and with scripted greetings, you can be sure of a professional approach and manner. Typically, a call handler would have 3 or perhaps 4 clients, each with their own script, and as the call handler is fully briefed on all their clients’ businesses, they can handle any situation professionally. These cost effective answering services for small businesses allow every company to project the right image and maintain a smooth running administration by taking the required action when it matters.

Removing the Human From the Loop

This might work with self-driving cars and building machines but when you are dealing with real people, call answering is most definitely not an area where the human can be replaced, and with telephone answering services, you are getting professional response at an affordable price. Every customer should receive a human response within a few seconds of making the call, and the only way to cost effectively provide this is by using such services.

Employer Responsibilities

If you already employ people, you will already be aware of how costly that can be, and if it is possible to give a receptionist other, more important work, you will be boosting productivity, and with all incoming calls professionally handled, you can focus on other areas of the business. Cost cutting usually comes at a cost, but with the answering service, everyone wins! You, the business owner, are happy to see a great service and your customers are being dealt with in a professional manner, and all for a fraction of the cost.

Whatever your chosen industry, or the size of your organization, telephone answering services offer you many benefits, not least the fact that all calls are promptly and courteously handled at all times. With a range of affordable packages, you will only be paying for the services you use, and there’s really no better way to achieve communication excellence. If you would like to know more about the services a phone answering service provider offers, all it takes is an online search and you can be talking to an expert in business communication, and from that moment on, you are always covered with call handling.


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