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What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

What does your dream kitchen look like? And how does it function? Are there gorgeous sliding doors leading outside to a garden dining area? Maybe you have the latest gizmos and gadgets to help you take care of your family in style? Lots of us dream of bigger and better kitchens. Maybe this year is the year to make your dream a reality?

I would love a kitchen that easily flows to both indoor and outdoor dining areas. A gorgeous covered patio that can be used even if there’s a passing shower would be ideal. Too many meals are ruined having to run back into the house! Most of us have sliding doors to the outside living area from the inside one. But I think something similar that leads straight to a dining area is perfect.

I love the thought of having all my appliances hidden away. I’ve seen some gorgeous kitchens lately that work well to conceal everything you might need. Of course, some people love having everything there on the countertop. Having it all close to hand can be very inspiring for the creative cook.

dream kitchen
Image credit: Jade – http://bit.ly/1M3ilSC

One of the ongoing problems I have with my current kitchen is the lack of available electricity points. I regularly buy new gizmos and gadgets for my kitchen. But then I struggle to find the best place to plug them in. Why won’t manufacturers give you a longer cord? I also struggle for cupboard space to store them when I discover they’re not quite as convenient as I thought!

I think the layout of any kitchen has to work for you. So what if it’s not entirely conventional? The homeowners are the ones that have to live with it. When you plan your kitchen, you’ve got to keep in mind the most convenient layout for you. If there are children about you might want more upper cupboards. And a second sink in the utility area is probably a must!

Fitted kitchens with integrated appliances look gorgeous. They are so streamlined and attractive. But why is the microwave always so high up? I’m not the only woman in the world to find it a tad tricky to lift boiling hot containers out of a device that is higher than my head. The next time I refit my kitchen, I’m going to have to ask for a lower one, or maybe end up with a countertop one.

I love the thought of soft-close cupboard doors and drawers. I used to like having my pots hanging up near the cooker. Lately, I’ve been flirting with the idea they may be better in a large drawer underneath the hob. Add a soft closing mechanism to reduce the clattering noise and I think I’ll be happy. I think I would love an island too. All my cutlery could be stored in there. And I may be able to hide away some snacks and treats as well!

A good looking kitchen can add value and appeal to your home. But for me, a dream kitchen will be all about the function. What does your dream kitchen look like?

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