The Girly Guide to Relaxing


Life is busy. We work hard at college and uni and then we work hard in our chosen career. Deadlines are frequently pushed forward, lunch breaks are cut and this is in addition to the twice-daily commute. We’re told that technology saves time and helps with our daily life. But it is not always our friend. The constant bombarding of information and the expectation of a quick reply can be draining. By the end of the day our energy is depleted and we feel worn out and stressed.

To ease the pressure and strain of everyday life we have put together a guide to relaxing, especially for girly girls. Plan a few hours just for yourself. Let friends and family know in advance that you won’t be available and make sure you’re not interrupted.

Get Organised

The art of relaxing is aided by organisation. Planning ahead and clearing space in your diary will help you to build relaxation into your everyday life. Purchase tools, accessories and appliances that will save you time. Compare them on Create a schedule for household chores as well as work-related tasks and stick to it. Make sure you include relaxation time within your schedule.

Plan your downtime in the same way you would plan for a meeting. Bookmark magazine articles and chapters you would like to read. Record programmes and films to watch later. Order your favourite takeaway. Or, if you’re on a healthy kick, prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them.


Seriously. Once in a while switch off your phone and tablet. Don’t check emails or Facebook statuses. It can feel uncomfortable at first but you will begin to realise how much you reach for these gadgets for a constant fix. Instead, do some different. It can be anything at all. Read your favourite magazines, catch up on your recorded programmes, take a bubble bath or just sit and do nothing.

Do Something Just for You

This is your time. Do something just for you and don’t feel guilty. Binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix, sit and read a book or cook a special meal. Whatever you enjoy doing, carve out some time for yourself and do it.

Pamper Yourself

Having time can feel like a luxury. Make the most of it by doing the things you have to rush through on most days. Take a long hot bath with all your favourite oils and potions. Light a few candles to set the mood. Treat your hair to a deep-conditioning treatment. Exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin.

Fold down pages in magazines to highlight articles you want to read when you have the time. Experiment with hairstyles and make-up. Go through your wardrobe and plan new outfit combinations. Treat yourself to a home mani-pedi.

Or, if you prefer, do nothing at all.

Remember, the best way of relaxing, whether it’s spending a girly night in with friends or taking some time for yourself, is to plan ahead. Build time into your routine and stick to it.


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